A case of Oligomenorrhea and its wondrous cure by Homoeopathic Individualised Medicine

A case of Oligomenorrhea and its wondrous cure by Homoeopathic Individualised Medicine



A case of 22-year-old female presented with complaints of delayed menses. Based on her presenting complaints, totality was made according to Hahnemannian Principles and an individualised similar medicine was prescribed in a very minute dose. With just a single dose of Homoeopathic medicine her menses returned within 2 days.


Homoeopathy, Oligomenorrhea, Pulsatilla Pratensis


For a woman, average menstrual cycle is around 28 days. Any woman having a cycle between 25 to 30 days is generally termed as a healthy menstruating woman. Changes in the cycle usually differs indiviual to individual, but the cycle seldom changes it’s pattern every month.

But in cases, where a woman does not get her menses for 35 days or more, its likely for her to have less than 9 periods the whole year. Missing a period once or twice should not be a cause of concern. But when this irregularity is seen every other month, it is often termed as Oligomenorrhea.

PCOS, Cushing syndrome, Prolactinoma, Hyper-thyroidism or even eating disorders have a significant role in causing irregular menstruation in women. Other factors like Diabetes Mellitus or consuming birth control pills can cause this irregularity. It is not uncommon to see this condition prevailing more in the adolescent age group.

In today’s times, it is very much likely we are under some or the other mental tension in our personal as well as professional life. It is often seen how the diseases of mental origin find heir way to the physical body. Stress is the major cause of many diseases seen in today’s world. It has always been witnessed that, Stress has been an important factor causing hormonal imbalances leading to Oligomenorrhea in females.

As a Homoeopathic Physician, when any sick patient arrives at our door-step, we have a big responsibility, that, the next time the patient arrives, she comes with a big smile on her face suggesting that her suffering was annihilated from the depth. It is this depth which has to be targeted, which can only be covered by the dynamic homoeopathic medicines which are custom tailored according to one’s individuality.

Case study

Presenting complaints

A 22-year-old female complained that her menses are late and it’s been 40 days since her last menstruation. Her additional complaint was that her periods were never regular in the past 8 months. Also, whenever the menses returned, they were scanty and lasted for only 2-3 days.

Date of case taking: 07-10-2020

  Female Reproductive System Menstruation Since 8 month   Presently   L.M.P = 28/08/2020         Irregular Menses   Menses delayed by 40 days           A/F: Stress         Increase in body weight Increase in appetite Laziness
2. GIT Since 8 months Sudden onset and progression   Eructation ++   < eating food  

History of presenting complaints

The patient was apparently well 8 months ago. 8 months back, her menses were delayed by 15 days and the day her menses returned, the menstrual flow was very scanty. The following months, her menses were regularly irregular with scanty flow. She also experienced a gradual increase in body weight since then.

At around the same time, she also started getting constant eructation after meals.

Presently, she didn’t get her menses and they were delayed by 40 days.

Menstrual History

Menarche: 12 years

L.M.P:  28st August 2020

Cycle: Irregular, 35-40 days

Duration: 2-3 days

Flow: Scanty

About the patient

She was in tears while narrating her complaints. She was of the opinion that her complaints have started ever since the start of the pandemic. After getting her into confidence, she opened up. She started by saying that she has been at home for around 1 year due to lockdown and as a result she has been very inactive physically. She is worried about her career, because due to lockdown, her exams are delayed. She wants to finish with her internship and start working which is getting delayed due to the pandemic. She is very ambitious as a person and wants to be successful in life. She also confessed an uncanny fear of dark at night and of being approached.

Personal History

Diet – Non-vegetarian

Thirst: Thirstless

Appetite: Increased++

Craving: Tea++

Bowelhabits: 1-2/day

Bladder Habits:5-6/day          

Dreams: Unremembered


On the basis of clinical presentation and history of presenting complaints it was diagnosed as Oligomenorrhea


  • Delayed menses
  • Irregular menstruation cycle
  • Scanty menstruation

Analysis & Evaluation of Symptoms

Weeping Fear of darkness Feels very lazy to do any work Ambitious Cravings: Tea++ Thirstless Hunger: Increased++     Delayed menses Irregular menses Scanty menses Increase in body weight Constant eructation < eating Weakness

Repertorisation (Synthesis)

Remedy Selection

Pulsatilla was selected as a constitutional totality after an unprejudiced Repertorisation covered all the symptoms of case as well as the mental sphere of the patient.


  1. Pulsatilla Pratensis 1M Single dose STAT (4 globules)
  2. Rubrum

4-4-4  x 2 week


The patient within 2 days of prescription over the call informed that her menses finally returned. The patient was asked to continue the medication according to the prescription and visit the clinic on the scheduled time.

21/10/2020 Menses returned on 09/10/2020 (within 3 days)Eructation – REDUCEDIncreased Appetite – BETTERLaziness – BETTER   Rubrum 4-4-4 x 1 month  
18/11/2020 Menstrual Cycle – REGULAR (LMP = 07/11/2020)Eructation – BETTER CURED


The patient had presented with delayed menses with irregularity in menstruation cycle in the past 8 months. The case was diagnosed as Oligomenorrhea based on the presenting complaints and history of presenting complaints. A thorough case taking was conducted and after Repertorisation, Pulsatilla was selected as a constitutional remedy. The main reason why Pulsatilla was chosen is that it matched the disease picture of the patient perfectly on all planes, be it mental, emotional or physical. This individualised approach of case taking along with infinitesimal dilution of 1M resulted in a wondrous speedy cure of the patient.  The menses returned within 2 days of prescription and also the regularity in menstrual cycle was restored. This case, again proves that, Homoeopathy cure is an ideal cure as stated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Aphorism 2 of Organon of Medicine, i.e. RAPID, GENTLE & PERMANENT RESTORATION OF HEALTH.


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