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A case of Warts

A wart is a small growth with rough texture which can appear anywhere in the body. They can be small or huge like cauliflower. They are usually caused by human papilloma virus.
Homoeopathy offers wonderful results in such cases of Warts. They are considered as local diseases and fall under sycotic miasms. Medicines such as Causticum, Nitric Acid, Dulcamara and most commonly used Antisycotic, Thuja gives beneficial results.
Above all, considering the constitutional remedies of the patient are more advantageous.
Here by, presenting a case of Warts with Allergic Rhinitis with amazing results.

Case History-
A 35 yrs/M, presented with
1. Warts multiple on face, neck and axilla since 8 to 10 months.
2. Coryza off and on – allergic < change of weather, sand or dust. .Watery nasal discharge with sneezing.
3. Flatulence often as work is sedentary

Past history- Operated for DNS – 10 yrs back.
Family history- Mother and Brother O.A, Father- Hypertension

Personal history
Appetite– Normal and adequate
Thirst– small quantity often
Desire– sweets
Stool– Constipation occasionally
Urine– Normal
Sleep– 8 hrs and refreshing
Perspiration– on face
Thermal – Ambithermal to chilly

Mental Generals-
Very fast in work. Talkative. Once high b.p with financial issues. Thinks before making expenses. Cannot trust any one easily.
Memory sharp for face but not for dates.

Daignosis– Warts

Case Analysis-
Very fast to work– Mental Generals
Thinking before making expenses- Mental Generals
Cannot trust easily- Mental Generals
Thirst small quantity often- Physical General
Desire- Sweets – Physical Generals
Chilly– Physical Generals
Coryza with sneezing, change of weather, dust aggravates- Physical particular.
Warts on face, neck and axilla- Physical particular.

Investigation– Nil

Repertorial sheet – In picture below.

Follow up- Warts reduced in size and some dissappeared. Gastric complaints diminished.

About the author

Devangi Pandya

M. D Homoeopath. Reader in Repertory Dept at Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College, Ahmedabad. Owner of Daivya Homoeopathic Clinic.