Essentials of Repertorization - Sixth Edition- Dr. SK Tiwari

Essentials of Repertorization – Sixth Edition- Dr. SK Tiwari

Dr S. K. Tiwari’s exhaustive work on the subject of repertory comprising all the repertoire be it classical, modern or regional, this book explains history, philosophy, construction, advantages, utility and how to use these repertories. The book also explains the laws and philosophy of homoeopathy and methodology of case taking and working out the case. In addition, there is a separate section devoted to biographies of stalwarts. In short, a complete package for students. 

Essentials of Repertorization was well accepted by the teachers as well as by the students since the beginning itself. During its initial editions, repertory was only an undergraduate subject but in due course of time, the subject became a speciality and became an important subject in post graduate and in doctorate courses.

The utmost aim of this 6th edition is to make the learners learn to apply the vast collection of symptoms in materia medica and other related academic information in principles of prescribing, to find out a simillimum following a right methodology of repertorization in a comprehensive way. It is published after meticulous revision and correction of the previous edition. 

Few changes to mention are – 

– Revision and addition to topics: case taking, study of various repertories esp. computer repertory 

– More logical arrangement of chapters

 – Factual details added and upgraded

The book has been growing progressively with the need of time and has been updated as per the requirement of the syllabus of BHMS, MD and PhD by furnishing the details of all the topics and study materials. Subsequently, the book was recognized by the Central Council of Homoeopathy on its merit.

Even George Vithoulkas finds it useful and all round informative books on the subject of repertorisation.

It’s a complete package for students and practitioners on repertory and its usage. 

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