21st Century Remedy: Eminence of Radium Bromatum in Homoeopathy

21st Century Remedy: Eminence of Radium Bromatum in Homoeopathy

21st Century Remedy: Eminence of Radium Bromatum in Homoeopathy

(Imponderabilia medicine)


Rad- br. Medicine belongs to the imponderabilia medicines. An important addition to the m.m. especially, since the provings by Dieffenbach precisionist its use .rad – br. Of 1,800,000 radioactivity was found effective in the treatment of rheumatism and gout, in skin affections generally, acne rosacea, naevi, moles, ulcers and cancer. 

Key words: homoeopathy, imponderabilia, radium bromatum

Abbreviations: hom. (homoeopathy), red – br. (radium bromatum) m.m. (materia medica), agg. (Aggravation). Br. (bromium).


Imponderabillia meaning things that are intangible and cannot be accurately measured or calculated, but can have an impact on some matter. (1) The place of rad – br. In the hom. Therapeutics indicate the progressive nature of the system of treatment. Rad.-br. was first discovered in 1898 by prof. And madam curie of Paris, as it is impossible to obtain it is the pure form, compounds of radium, especially rad -br. Use. They give off heat and thus raise the temperature of surrounding bodies. They give off light of which the rays penetrate opaque substances such as lead, gold, silver etc. They also give off gas or emanations. The heat of the sun is believed to be due to enormous deposits of radium in that body. The proving of rad – br. Was done by Drs. J. H. Clarke of London , William H. Dieffenbach and Von der Goltz of new york.

Medicinal properties:

1)  In Rheumatic affection:

Severe pain in all the limbs, joints especially in knee and ankles muscles of legs and hips sore, arthritis, aching pains agg. At night. Dermatitis of the fingers, trophic changes in the fingernails. Pain in the popliteal fossa. 

2) In Skin affections:

Small pimples, itching all over the body, burning of skin, as if on fire. Irritable, thick, burning, itching moist if scratched agg. Face and genitals. Callosities, dry, bran like scaly eruption (4) (5) x- ray dermatitis. Eczema of penis and inner surface of thighs, itching.

3) Urinary affections:

Increased elimination of solids, dysuria followed by erection. Nephritis and rheumatism symptoms granular and hyaline casts in urine. 

4) Gastric affection:

Dryness of mouth, metallic taste, prickling sensation on end of tongue. Aversion to sweets, ice – cream, craving for pork, sour things taste good. Warm sensation in stomach. Nausea is better by eating. Full of gas pain over mcburney’s point and at the location of sigmoid flexure. Colic ameliorated by bending double and passing stools alternate with ear and chest symptoms. 

5) Lippe’s key notes red line symptoms. 

Itching all over the body (psor. sulphur)

Dry, bran-like scaly eruptions (album.) (C.).

Eczematous tub.) (c.). Eruptions (anticardium. rhus-t.)

Burning of the skin, as if afire (ars. sulphar.) (Br.1. Psoriasis (kali-ars., sep., sulph.) (Br.).

Arthritis with aching pains, worse at night (merc. rhus-tox.) (Br.).

Gout (benz-ac., colchicum., lyc.) (B.).

Ulcers and cancers (ars. carb-an., Nit-ac., 51.) (br.).

Apprehensive and depressed (kali-p.) 

Fear of being alone in the dark (ars, phos, stram.) Br.

Metallic taste in the mouth (cocculus., merc., nat-c., rhus-t., sencg.) 

Empty feeling in the stomach (carb-an., sep., sulph.)(Br.)

Aversion to sweets (graph.) (Br.)

Belching of gas (carb-v., lyc, nux-m., puls.) (C.).

Much flatulence (aloe, carb-v., lyc, nat-s., puls, sulph.) (C.)

Pruritus ani and piles (aloe, nux-v., sulph.) (Br.). Craving for, and relief in, open air (arg-n., phos, puls.) (C.).

Diabetes mellitus (phos-ac., sulph.) (Br.)

Aggravation: on rising after lying down; from-motion and at night.

Amelioration: in open air; from continued motion; and on lying down.

Relationship: similar to: ars, brom, carb-an, similar ars, kali-p., Lachesis, lycopoduim (7) 

6) What potency and dose use:

The potencies from D12 – C30 have been recommended.

The 6x produced such severe symptoms that Dieffenbach warns against its use medicinally. (8)


Lastly, rad- br is 21st century medicine because it is proven in this century and nowadays people are more affectionate with radiation and produces skin affections so red- br. Useful remedy for these affection. There are other medicines from imponderabilia which are very useful nowadays and there is more research also developed in this field.


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