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Mental health & LGBTQ+


Mental health, the most hazardous and ignored part of being healthy.
And when it comes to the mental health of LGBTQ ( Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and
queer), It becomes four times more for them to face the mental disorder adversely.

From over a long period of time, LGBTQ community are facing problems such as;
Depression, feeling down, Anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and low self-confidence and
With lots of fears i.e. fear of being alone, fear of being not acceptable, being judged etc due
to which they fail in relationship, found difficulties to adjust with the society and
self identification. The social stigmas is one of the hurdle for them.

It becomes more difficult for them as they are not able to share their flow to thoughts/
Questions/ emotions/ feeling with others as they feel that they will be judged.

So what to do :-
* The most important thing is “Accepting yourself”.
* Talk about, what are you going through with your parents, family, siblings or friends with
whomever you are feeling comfortable.
* Tell your parents about what you feel, explain them, try to make them understand what are
going through as parents and family support is most important.
* There are many programs inistiated by the government inoder to uplift the LGBTQ
Community, it is important to create awareness about such programs among
all to uplift or motivate them.
* Always keep positive attitude.

* And at last visit a counselor.
* Psychotherapist.

∆ Misconception :
Sigmoid Freud pschyso-sexual stage :-
Stage 1 : Oral stage ( 0-2 years)
Stage 2 : Anal stage ( 2- 3 years)
Stage 3: Phallic stage ( 3-7 years)
Stage 4: Latency stage ( 7- 11 years)
Sathe 5: Genital stage (11- above)

Now here, according to the stage 3( Phallic stage)( 3 to 7 years), the child starts to identify
the genders and can be seen as, they start playing in groups such as girl in girls group and
boy in boys group. They are able to understand the gender difference sinces the age of 3 to
7 years.
They get attracted towards the opposite gender or same in cases of LGBTQ community.
So it is completely wrong to say that attraction towards same sex is wrong or not natural.
It is genetic and not as all conservative people says….
Also it is important to educate every child irrespective of gender regarding these theory as
it shapes them to understand every being..
This when followed will subsequently reduce or atleast lessen the mental stress on LGBTQ+

Name:. Mishra keshika kamlesh
Collage: Ahmedabad Homeopathic Medical Collage.
Guided by : Dr. Ratna Bhatt.

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Keshika mishra

Medical student at Ahmedabad Homeopathic medical college.