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Why RadarOpus is No. 1 Choice for Homoeopath?

Why RadarOpus is No. 1 choice for Homeopaths?

RadarOpus homeopathic software is unique – a Single Intuitive Interface for everything a busy homeopath needs: Repertory, MateriaMedica& Patient Files. There’s even a built-in web-browser & CLIFICOL, the Clinical File Collection.

“All-in-One” Interface

User-Friendly Interface puts everything together to make it simple and useful. One Interface gives access to all data and functions together including Repertories, Patient management, MateriaMedica.

Comprehensive Search

Searching for words, remedies and even families have never been easier. With the comprehensive search that helps the user to search in all resources at one time be it MateriaMedica or Repertory.

Repertories (20 Plus)

Includes over 20 repertories ranging from world’s most trusted and comprehensive repertory Synthesis, Kent, Boenninghausen, Murphy & Jeremy Sherr

Concepts & Families

The concepts are very essential and help the user to find the correct symptoms in the repertory. The family is everything that has to do with “group of remedies” or “relationships of remedies”.

References: (780 + Books & Volumes)

The largest collection of books that any software offers as on date. Includes all kinds of MateriaMedicas, Therapeutics, Dictionaries and Research Methodology books.

Much More Than Repertorization

Not just for reprtorizing, the software also helps the user to stay up-to-date with the correct knowledge on remedies, remedy sources and remedy family information and also author references. This not only makes the software knowledgeable but also reliable and trustworthy. Also includes pictures, videos and sound clips to make learning more hands-on and interesting.

WinCHIP – Patient Management Software

This powerful patient database program helps you keep track of your patients information i.eRepertorizations, Prescription, Consultations list, Pathologies, Posology, Remedy reactions, and attach many other files (Video, Image, Sounds, PDF, Word, Excel) etc.

VES (Vithoulkas Expert System)

Solving cases becomes simpler when you have experts solving the case for you. Vithoulkas Expert System is a set of rules that reproduces the thinking of George Vithoulkas. It’s not only recalls data with 100% accuracy also processes and evaluates that data according to his own methods.

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