Paraplegia, Facial, Tongue, Right Side Body Infantile Paralysis Treatment In Homeopathic

Infantile Paralysis Cured By Homoeopathic Treatment

Krishna , a child of barely 2 months old was brought under my treatment by his parents on the 27th of January 1990 that they were very anxious about the life of the little fellow , I examined him thoroughly . His hands were very stiff , motionless and cold , his eyes were stiff , motionless and cold , his eyes were set straight and his abdomen hard to touch . He was peevish and was crying day and night . The parents were more anxious because the little fellow had no motions for nearly 2 weeks , he was getting reduced in health , I gave him to improve his nervous condition , gelsemium 30 to be given 4 times daily , 4 minims in 2 oz. Water and told his parents to report about his condition next day . the next morning the father came and reported that for the time in his life the little fellow September and without crying and without causing any anxiety to the parents . gelsemium was repeated for 3 days more . the child improved slowly but gradually on the 5th day , being not fully satisfied with the action of gelsemium , I gave him tarentula hisp 30  in the morning a pill at 11 AM , after treating him thus for a week I visited him and to my amazement I found the infant moving and playing with his hands and he was jolly as any child could be , on the 8th day I stopped giving gelsemium and gave only tarentula hisp 30 a pill 4 times a day for 5 days more . the result was marvelous .. To day the little fellow is as healthy as any child of his age would be and is as blithe as a skylark

Tarentula hisp 30 was given as I was fully convinced that the child was suffering from spinal neurasthenia and it did act miraculously . this is” what homoeopathy can do “ Honour to whom honour is due even it be a spider .

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