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Nosodes And Vaccines: Their Methods Of Use

In treating these miasma either in the acute or chronic stage , there are special nosodes that are useful in each group , modern medicines has produced a multiple of vaccines and antitoxins that are used as specific remedies usually given hypodermically  the strict homoeopathist is apt to oppose their use because they have . the strict homoeopathist is apt to oppose their use because as they are customarily used , harm is caused where the vaccine is not specific and it frequently occurs because it is given hypodermically , when given by mouth they do less harm than when injected , even if not specifically indicated , because the alimentary mucus membrane is a natural protection against protein poisons , it neutralizes them by digesting the harmful part and the body responds to the fraction that is specific . we should recognize the inherent soundness of the principle for the use of vaccine , where diagnostic factors are lacking , autogenous vaccines are usuall safe but one must be sure that he is using the right strains

Duncan in his autogenous method of treatment , utilizes a secretion related to the patient,s disease , for instance , in pneaumonia he will pass the sputum through a Berkfield filter and inject the filtrate and the claims remarkable results , and there is Rodegers autonaemic metod , where by he utilizes patient,s blood , first potentising it a few points and then injecting it , these metods are succesfull at least up to a certain point but from our observations there comes a times when a remedy not related to the patients own fluid , is indicated , for instance the patient whose chronic remedy is sulphur will need that remedy some time regardless  of autogenous treatment , although oral administration is safest , vaccines , correctly selected and given hydomerically frequently cause as spectacular a reaction as does the best homoeopathic prescribing . the homeopathist can avoid all dangers by , first , potentising the vaccine ; second being sure it is specific and third b not repeating

Dr Milton Powell always gave the diphtheria nosode in potency to any dipheria

Case that did not improvr quickly on one of the usual remedies andstated that patients aiways respond it

Hahnemann in discussing psorinum , said that all such products should be proved , it true that , if possible it would be better to prove them , in which case they would be used on symptomatic indications just like any other remedy but in specific infections we have diagnostic indication for the appropriate nosode and in any case , we can verify the proper one through the reflexes mentioned in the beginning

The first nosode was prepared by Hahnemann from the purulent secretion of a scabies vescicle . this was triturated with sugar of milk dilution was made from the trirturate , this was called psorinum . proving were made from this and we can prescribe it on the symptom picture has had scabies . if every nosode were proved have a material media with a large section devoted to this class of the proven drugs but they also would have their place because of their specific relationship to the patients illness


Certin diseases are the results of harmfull products which are connected with some of the industries , for instance silicosis in store workers lead poisoning in painters but there is

Mention has been made of remedy  groups that are based on clinical factors such as halogen salts in artiosclerosis and nitrates in its cardiac complications  we have

Many such groups as well as groups containing chemical compounds of the principal elements . the clinical and chemical grouping has resulted in multiplying many times the number of our available remedies . Boyd of Glasco began experiments twenty years ago and devised his Emanometer by which he was able to place individuals in twelve definite groupings . His groupings and in addition, he was able to classify remedies according to these twelve groupings to classify remedies according to these twelve groupings . his groupings in contradistinctionin all others , are based on physical factors in patients and drugs as determined by the Emanometer , where as all previous classifications arose from clinical or phylosiphical considerations , these classifications were published in this country a few years ago but since then his groupings have been greatly enlarged The foregoing brief survey summarises our concept of the miasmatic factors in chronic diseases, the vista of the future for this work continually broaden in.

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