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Apis Mellifica

Honey bee
Common Name: honeybee


If something is swollen and besides …

Acute, inflammation, burning, redness, heat. Great restlessness, busy, excited, craving for cold milk and cooling. Weakness. Teething problems like measles, scarlet fever and chickenpox. Pain that burns and stings. Restlessness, busyness. Nocturnal cries. First remedy for angina, especially if the suppository has swollen up like a water sack.

Body: Good for women. Kidney effects. Total thirstiness. Dropsy without thirst. Cold improves all discomfort. Most important remedy for ovarian cysts besides Canth and iodine. In water-addicted swellings such as ascites, glottic edema, exudative pleurisy. Unreal jealousy in women. Apis does not like Rhus-t.

By: suppressed rashes, insect bites

agg: warmth, warm room. Heat, morning, late afternoon, after sleep, touch, pressure, closed u. heated rooms. right side

amel: cold, covering, cold compresses, bathing cold, in free, cool air

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