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Life Style Disorder And It’s Homoeopathic Approach

Lifestyle diseases have replaced traditional health risk factors resulting in an increase in incidents of disease and deaths in India in the last two decades

Lifestyle disease by itself literally means a disease acquired depending on the lifestyle one leads.

Lifestyle disorders are


Heart diseases


 Diabetes Type 2

Diseases associated with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse like..

Cancer of lungs and colon, skin etc.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease  due to pollution and smoking.


consumption and hepatitis.

Anxiety and depression.


1. Lifestyle diseases are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. Onset of lifestyle diseases is insidious, it may take years to develop, and once encountered do not lend themselves easily to cure

2. Undue Tension, Mental Stress / Anxiety,

3. Lack of Exercise

4. Ignorance & poor compliance to medical advise

5. Bad diet options

6.Late Night or Inadequate Sleep and Indulgence in Stimulants like Smoking, Alcohol.


 Along with homeopathic medicine  people make minor alterations to their lifestyle like adding some form of physical exercise on a daily basis , adding more of fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet, practicing yoga etc,

Remove all that is wrong and disease promoting from our Diet and Lifestyle.

1. Homoeopathy deals with the holistic approach and treats the patients on Individualistic manner by Constitutional treatment, derived by considering the Mental, Physical, Emotional , Spiritual Individual

2. Disorders like hypothyroidism, early diabetes, depression, mood disorders which are most common these days in urban areas can be controlled well with homeopathy without any side effects or the fear of dependency to a drug.

3.The benefit of homeopathy is that when a person takes the right remedy not only does the disease being targeted is cured, but the overall immunity of the person is also boosted and their tendency to any other disease they are susceptible to also reduces.

4.People who take constitutional homeopathic medicines which are given on basis of complete physical and mental makeup of the person significantly delay lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

 5.The earlier one starts on homeopathy better are the results for the same. Children who grow on homeopathy live much healthier lives and are less prone to diseases.


1. Cratagus oxycantha: This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the ripe fruit of the Crataegus plant. It has the ability to dissolve the calcareous and crustaceous deposits in the artery, helpful in ischemic heart diseases.Very feeble action of the heart.Crataegus is valuable in bringing down the lipid development alleviating the protests of high blood cholesterol levels.It is used in complaints of Blood pressure, where it lets down the raised weight. Water retention and swelling of body secondary to the heart disease(congestive heart failure).Severe breathlessness due to heart complaints.Angina- pain below the left collar bone.Pulse is irregular, intermittent and feeble.

2. Spigelia Anthelmica :

spigelia is an important remedy in pericarditis and other diseases of the heart, because the provings were conducted with the greatest regard for objective symptoms and the subjective symptoms are by innumerable confirmations proved to be correctViolent palpitation. Precordial pain and great aggravation from movement. Frequent attacks of palpitation, especially with foul odor from mouth. Pulse weak and irregular. Pericarditis, with sticking pains, palpitation, dyspnea. Neuralgia extending to arm or both arms. Angina pectoris. Craving for hot water which relieves. Rheumatic carditis, trembling pulse; whole left side sore. Dyspnea; must lie on right side with head high.

3. Aurum Metalicum: Good remedy for fat patients with arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure . even with fatty degeneration of heart. Patients are melancholic , hopeless with profound depression ,with tendency to suicide and longing for death.

4. Calc. carb: CalcareaCarbonica is the main remedy for reducing obesity .the characteristic feature is sweating on forehead which wets pillow while sleeping. . Apprehensive; worse towards evening; fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases. Forgetful, confused, low-spirited. Anxiety with palpitation. Obstinacy; slight mental effort produces hot head. Averse to work or exertion. Other aspects of Calcarea Carbonica patients are their tendency to be passive, overweight people with fair or chalky complexions, large heads, and large puffy abdomens. They appear to be bloated rather than solidly muscular.. Calc Carb patients often crave cold or iced drinks even when they do not have much appetite.

5. Nux Vomica

This remedy is made of the seeds of strychnine, and is also known as the Poison nut plant. It is the ideal remedy for people who are always feeling angry and frustrated and they become sick when things don’t work out according to their plans. This remedy is one of the choices for the high strung business professional, who finds himself doing tremendous loads of mentally straining work. They spend excessive numbers of hours in the office, and worrying about their work continuously. Being indoors constantly takes its toll on the human body, and the Nux Vomica type constantly seeks out stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, medications, and tobacco keep him going. This personality type overindulges in rich foods, wines, and such to help him forget the strain of the day. This remedy has previously been a male remedy but in our modern day and age, the female has begun to adapt to these habits as well.

6. Pulsatilla: This is good remedy for obesity if symptoms  are matches, Any type of issues associated with an abnormal or interrupted menstrual cycle or flow can be helped tremendously with the homeopathic remedy of pulsatilla. If there is abnormal or infrequent menstrual cycles, or if there are extreme symptoms such as severe premenstrual symptoms or even mood swings, this homeopathic remedy may be helpful.Their physical and emotional symptoms may come on quickly and commonly leave just as quickly, often without any warning. They may have a wide range of physical problems, and therefore can benefit from the healing powers of a versatile homeopathic remedy such as pulsatilla.

7. Phytolacca Berry: it is also one of the effective weights reducing medicine.

About the author

Dr.Pratik kiritbhai Nakum

Student at Rajkot Homoeopathic medical college affiliated with Parul university.