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Homeopathy For Pregnancy, Birth And Post-Natal Problems

Preconceptual Care : In an Ideal world pre conceptual care would start at the time when a woman first has sex , young people are being encouraged to use condoms to protect against “AIDS” , but for women another very important reason is for protection against the sexually transmitted infections that can result in infertility and increase the risk of “ectopic pregnancy ( tubal )”.

If you are planning your first pregnancy , it is a good idea to start six months before the hoped –for date of conception . This gives you time to ask your doctor to check if you are immune to rubella and to be immunized if necessary . It allows you to improve your diet and reduce or preferably give up , smoking and alcohol . Advise on preconceptual care can be obtained from fore sight . some doctors advise stopping the pill or having the coil out ( if it contains copper ) a couple of months before conception , to allow the reversal of the small changes . These make to the body chemistry , during this time condoms or a diaphragm are the best methods of contraception . The ideal time to stop contraception , including the rhythm method is immediately after a period , as this increases the likelihood of a freshly produced egg being past its best , once pregnancy is confirmed , you should consult your doctor to decide where you wish to have your baby and to arrange antenatal care . Certain serious abnormalities , such as spina bifida and down’s syndrome , can now be diagnosed early enough in the pregnancy to allow you to consider a termination , a rare but serious complication is an ectopic pregnancy .that is when the baby develops in one of the fallopian tubes . This is usually diagnosed between the sixth and tenth weeks of pregnancy , when it causes pain in the lower abdomen . Urgent medical advice is then essential .

PREGNANCY : The average human pregnancy lasts for about 38 weeks , but it is medical convention to date a pregnancy from the first day of the last period , so the delivery is expected to occur at 40 weeks . At the start of pregnancy the fertilized egg divides into cells that look identical but with in a week the cells start to perform different functions . During the next few weeks the cells undergo special changes to become the baby’s organs , such as spinal cord and the heart . At the same time the placenta and membranes are formed . The placenta provides nourishment for the growing body , and the membranes enclose the liquid that provides some protection from physical injury . Until about 50 years ago doctors thought that the placenta was virtually an impregnable barrier , but it is now known that infections , such as rubella , and drugs such as thalidomide , can cross from mother to baby . Such environmental hazards are a particular problem during the first three months of a pregnancy as this is when they can upset the delicate mechanisms that govern the formation of the organs . For this reason , doctors are reluctant to prescribe any medication during the first 3 months of a pregnancy , unless the mother’s life is at risk . This restriction includes mineral and vitamin supplements , apart from a small dose of folic acid . You should also avoid over-the-counter and herbal medicines , as well as social drugs , including illegal substances , alcohol and tobacco . “There is no evidence that homoeopathic medicines harm the baby in early pregnancy”, but they should not be taken in potencies below 6C. They can be helpful for morning sickness , breast tenderness and other ailments that occur at this time . Certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy . these include liver , which can contain large amount of vitamin A , and soft cheeses pate , which can contain listeria. Listeria is one cause of miscarriage and still birth , and unlike most bacteria it is able to grow at refrigerator temperature . It may also be present in precooked and refrigerated foods , but these are safe if they are thoroughly heated before being eaten . Toxoplasmosis infection can also seriously harm an unborn baby . If the expected mother becomes infected , she may experience a mild fever , but may have no symptoms at all

LATER PREGNANCY : After the first 3 months of pregnancy there is a steady weight gain and the expectant mother likely to have put on 9-13 kgs by the time baby is born . As the pregnancy progresses , most women feel fit and healthy but others develop annoying problems such as heart burn , back ache and sleep problems , “these will often respond to homoeopathy.” CHILD BIRTH : Doctors regard modern care during child birth as a success because safety for both mother and baby has been greatly improved . Women however have been dismayed by the increased medical intervention in what they see as a “natural” event . Fortunately , the tide is turning and there is now a wider choice about where to have their baby and whether to use water baths or pools and other non-orthodox approaches , including homoeopathic medicine, where these options are provided with in the context of close medical supervision , safety is not compromised .

MISCARRIAGE : (spontaneous abortion ) Two hundred years ago miscarriages were often welcomed by women who frequent pregnancies were unregulated by effective contraception . Today with so much official advise on how to  have a healthy baby , many women blame themselves if they suffer a miscarriage but they should not do so . The signs of creating a healthy environment before birth is in its infancy and in practice it is not yet possible to be sure whether a miscarriage could have been prevented by homoeopathic medicines. The ending of pregnancy at an early stage with the loss of the foetus most frequently occurs during the first three months of a pregnancy and tends to start at the time when a period would have been due . Bleeding and regularly occurring lower abdominal pains are the usual early symptoms, and these become more pronounced until the pregnancy expelled . Not all miscarriages are complete and on occasions some tissue may be left in the uterus (womb) requiring a small operation under a general anaesthetic to remove it . As not all threatened miscarriages result in the loss of the pregnancy , absolute rest should always be part of the treatment .


Threatened miscarriage after anger –aconitum Threatened miscarriage after trauma—arnica montana . A profuse and hot feeling blood discharge with back ache and head ache , labour like pains come and go suddenly and there is sensation as if every thing going to drop out of the pelvis .——-belladonna . Recurrent miscarriage , severe pain develops in the back and sides of the abdomen and there also are feeble uterine ,contractions with a scanty blood loss –caulophyllum . Anger with great agitation accompanies the miscarriage—chamomilla . Pains go from side to sides of the abdomen and causes doubling up , helps those with a tendency to develop rheumatism . —cimicifuga . Miscarriage occurs around the 3rd month ; bleeding is the first symptom , then pain develops in the small of the back and goes around and through to the front of the abdomen .the blood is bright red and clotted —-sabina . Miscarriage occurs in very early pregnancy , often suits those who are pale and in poor health , frequent labour-like pain with a copious flow of very dark blood .—-secale cornutum. A preventive of miscarriage , tendency to be nervous and irritable , accompanied by lax abdominal muscles and a tendency to rectal prolapse –sepia Pain starts in the back , goes round to the front of the abdomen , then down into the thighs , used in frequent and early miscarriages —viburnum opulus .

Dosage : use 30 potency in threatened miscarriage take four time a day until the symptoms cease . As a preventive in those with a previous history of miscarriage , take 3 times a day on the same day of each week until the 16th week . Note- the medicines must be taken after consulting the homoeopathic doctor . self medication is not advisable .

STILL BIRTHS : Still births can some times be explained , but all to often the cause remains a mystery and many women are unable to rid themselves of a sense of guilt and failure . Hospitals staff are learning to provide more support and counseling after a still birth , but often it is the family , particularly the mother who needs time and space to grieve . Homoeopathy can help with both the physical and emotional problem of losing a pregnancy . If you lose a pregnancy in the first 6 months , it is known as a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion , after this it is known as still birth between 10 and 30 % of pregnancies end in miscarriage , most frequently during the first 3 months .

CAUSES :  An abnormal foetus , such as a chromosomal abnormality are a major developmental defect . hormonal deficiency fibroid or other deformity of the uterus failure of the cervix to remain closed ( in completed cervix) Maternal illness , such as high blood pressure ,uncontrolled diabetes infection or other serious illness . SYMPTOMS : vaginal bleeding and /or cramping pain in the abdomen in early pregnancy bleeding at the expected time of a period is quite common ,as is bleeding from an erosion of the cervix . back ache . disappearance of the symptoms of pregnancy , e.g., morning sickness .

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO : Ring your doctor and go to bed if you need to use a sanitary towel , do not flush it away as the doctor may want to examine it .

WHAT THE DOCTOR WILL RECOMMEND : in early pregnancy your doctor is likely to recommend that you stay in bed and arrange for you to have and ultra sound scan .doctors believe that a mis carriage during the first three months is usually the result of a serious foetal abnormality . the later pregnancy your doctor will probably refer you to a gynaecologist because the likely causes such as cervical incompetence are often treatable .

AFTER THE MISCARRIAGE : An ultra sound scan will show if the miscarriage has been complete , if not you may need to be admitted to hospital for treatment to clear the uterus if your blood group is rhesus negative you should have a test for rhesus antibodies even after an early miscarriage , if these antibodies are present , you will require an injection to reduce the chance of damage to the baby in a later pregnancy you will need to allow your self time to grieve , if the miscarriage was a late one , and especially if you did not see the baby , do ask for a photograph . you can resume sexual intercourse when the bleeding has stopped and the cervix has closed . This is usually with in a 3 week period , if you wish to try for another pregnancy straight away , most doctors suggest that you wait for two normal menstrual periods after you have suffered an early miscarriage . your doctor may suggest a longer wait after a late miscarriage , to allow your body to recover and to build up its stores of iron and calcium . the vast majority of women go on to have a normal pregnancy , but if you are unlucky enough to experience several miscarriages , your doctor will suggest tests to look for the cause .

MORNING  SICKNESS : Vomiting can be an irritating problem during early pregnancy . It is present in about half of pregnant women and it is most likely to occur with the first pregnancy the severity is variable and usually amounts to a feeling of nausea on walking followed by a single vomit after getting out of bed , although the vomiting and nausea may also occur at other times of the day . It usually starts during the second month and normally goes away by the end of the third month , although in some cases it can continue through out the pregnancy . Although unpleasant , morning sickness does not normally affect your health .

HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES  : Sour belching with heart burn , profuse salivation day and night –acetic acid Nausea is constantly present or comes in waves , it is worse after eating—asarum europium. Constant nausea which vomiting does not relieve ,despite vomiting tongue remains clean , but excessive salivation may develop ,a disinclination to eat , an irritable attitude ——ipecacuanha . Continuous vomiting and unrelated to eating , the vomit tastes very acidic and bitter ——-lac defloratum . Nausea and there is sour taste after breakfast , stomach is very sensitive to pressure ,may feel irritable and critical , sensitivity to noise and smells , much flatulence –nux vomica Persistent and troublesome vomiting , suits those who are anxious and nervous , a craving for cold drinks but these are vomited back . vomiting may be precipitated by putting hands in hot water —phosphorus . Nausea at the sight or smell of food , especially in the morning before eating , eating may temporarily relieve the nausea , a craving for sour foods , stomach feels empty , even just after eating —sepia .

Dosage-use the 30 potency , take 3 times a day until an improvement occurs , then stop , repeat in the same way as and when necessary .

Note –the medicines must be taken after consulting the homoeopathic doctor, self medication is not advisable .  

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