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Hernia And Homoeopathy

Both men and women can suffer from hernias which can , if neglected become life threatening . It is a fact that 0.5 % of the Indian population suffers from hernia , contrary to common belief , a hernia is not gender specific ; it can be experienced by both men and women .

What Is Hernia ? :    It is a protrusion of an organ or tissue through a weakened area in its containing wall , it can be congenital or traumatic in origin dangers of not treating a hernia .  It can in incacerate and this can be followed by strangulation which is a life threatening condition .

Different Types Of hernia :  the most common is the inguinal hernia , which is in the groin area , protrusions elsewhere on the abdominal wall are called femoral and umbilical hernia , both men and women can get hernia , but it is more common in men . Inguinal hernias in adults result from strain on the abdominal muscles , which have been weakened by age or other congenital factors , the types of activities which cause hernia are :

  1. lifting heavy weights
  2. sudden twist , turn or muscle strain
  3. marked gain in weight , causing pressure on abdominal walls
  4. chronic constipation
  5. repeated attacks of cough

this is why athletes and people involved in labour intensive / heavy action are prone to hernias .

The signs and symptoms of inguinal hernia : 

  1. visible bulge in the scrotum , groin or abdominal walls
  2. feeling of weakness and pressure in the groin
  3. a burning feeling in the area of the bulge
  4. a gurgling feeling

Few tips on how we can prevent hernia : 

  1. use the correct lifting techniques
  2. keep the upper back straight and the lower back in a neutral position , don’t bend forward from the waist to lift
  3. bend your knees , then let the arms and legs take the weight , you can also tighten the buttocks and abdomen to further support your back .
  4. keep the objects to be lifted as close to the body as possible
  5. never lift heavy objects above your shoulders
  6. never attempt to lift anything that is obviously too heavy for you , when you are lifting some thing heavy , turn your feet , not your back , do not turn or twist the body .
  7. always use a stool or ladder to reach items above your head
  8. try to prevent constipation and do not push too hard during bowel movement and urination
  9. stop smoking , especially if you have a chronic cough

when the intestines descend from the abdomen down to the scrotum , it is termed hernia , , the belt is essential to check it .

Homoeopathy Medicines : 

Left sided hernia accompanied by constipation —-nux vomica

Right sided hernia —-lycopodium

For left sided hernia —-lachesis

When there is pain around navel —belladonna , sulphuric acid , calc. Carb , silicia , are also advised .

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