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Homoeopathy In Dentistry

It is my aim to inform you all readers of this article , the patient , of the uses to which homoeopathy can be put in dentistry . To find a homoeopathic dentist and to touch on those areas of holistic dentistry which the homoeopathic patient may be interested in , such a mercury fillings and non-adrenalin injections

A small number of dentists have been using homoeopathy in their practices for some time .


The use of homoeopathy in dentistry is more limited than in medicine . Homoeopathy cannot replace the mechanical arts of dentistry and there is not a homoeopathic remedy that will selectively numb a tooth .

However homoeopathy is a useful adjunct to conventional dentistry . It may be used effectively in place of drugs prescribed which sometimes have unpleasant side effects

Homoeopathic prescribing may be constitutional or specific . Constitutional prescribing is not so common in dentistry . It relies on one remedy to match the patient’s general constitution and is preserved for the intractable connections such as advanced periodontal disease or chronic dysfunction syndrome

Specific remedy may be used by the dentist for fever , bleeding , the dental abscess

Nervousness , and trauma , just to name a few . homoeopathy can also be used at home for mouth ulcers , teething in children or dental emergencies . there also homoeopathic tooth pastes , mouth washes and lip creams which can be used at home regularly .

I wonder whether any of you have come across looking for a homoeopathic remedy for tooth decay or other dental ailments , if you have I can only paraphrase the familiar exhortation . “ ask not what homoeopathy can do for your teeth , ask what homoeopathy can do for you “

Homoeopathy prescribes for the whole man , it does not seek merely to correct symptoms . tooth decay is a symptom , heal the man and the tooth decay will disappear of itself . the homoeopathic physician , after painstakingly taking the case symptoms by symptom from the initial mental out look and characteristic to physical symptoms from head to toe not forgetting ameliorations and aggravations weighs all factors

Homoeopathy has literally thousands of remedies to draw from the physician will seek to find the precise one which most likely corresponds to the aggregate of your symptoms , this found he decides upon a potency determined by whether your ailment are chronic or acute and then administers it in what he believes to be the most effective one .

Dental caries , tooth ache , gingivitis and other tooth and gum diseases all help to determine the section of a constitutional remedy . the role of fluoride in the structure of teeth years before fluoridation of public water supplies was even dreamt of by our public health officials . what he had to say about the role of fluoride in the development of the teeth is so remarkable that some may be inclined to skepticism and oddly enough , this is exactly what Dr.Steiner wanted from his listeners and readers , don’t take any thing I say on faith he urged  these indications which I pass on to you are to be researched and confirmed by rigid and carefully checked scientific laboratory experimentation , only when you have satisfied your selves that they are scientifically demonstrable , should you accept them as valued .

Premature decay of the teeth he says is caused by an excess of fluorine action , he traces further a phenomenon familiar to women –the effect of confinement and child birth on tooth structure but it will come as a surprise to most that he says then . there is another very interesting connection between dental processes and the tendency to haemorrhoids , dental formation he explains is our most mineralizing process and this serves to illustrate the association and interdependence of man’s entire system what can be done to counteract the destructive effect of fluorine on the tooth structure . a gullible public bombarded for years with TV commercials for stannous fluoride tooth pastes , dutifully purchases the sponsor’s product the same stannous fluoride dentifrice that the prestigious journal of dentistry for children declares produced no better results than a tooth paste without fluoride

Dentistry for some years has been in the throes of a biochemistry era , associated with popular cleansers from which profits are quite healthy . If you thought swollen gums and bad breath were normal , beware as these could be signs of a gum disease

Periodontal or gum disease is one of most common and serious dental problems of today , people of all ages can experience symptoms of this disease , which can lead to tooth loss if not detected early . Periodontal disease is an infection that gradually destroys the tissue surrounding the teeth and the jaw bone that supports them . things you may have thought were normal like swollen gums , tenderness in the mouth or bad breath may be signs of gum disease .

Bleeding although not always a symptom is a signal that your mouth is trying to heal some thing and needs your help , other symptoms may include sensitive or sore gums , gums color other than pink shrinking of your gums away from the teeth , spaces between teeth becoming bigger even if you don’t experience any pain or symptoms you may still have an early stage of gums disease .

The best thing to do is understand gum disease and find out if you need professional treatment in addition to regular check ups , you may be recommended to follow a dedicated self care program of flossing and brushing . This combined cleaning and maintenance is the key fighting gum disease . Getting to your mouth ;it is good to know how your mouth works , so you can take care of it . It is also very helpful to know how gum disease starts so that you can slow down or even stop the process , your teeth gums and jaw bone will be healthier .


An adult has 32 teeth , while a child has 20 teeth , there is a phase between 6 to 12 years of age where in the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth called mixed dentition phase , compare your teeth to a house in good condition your foundation should be strong .

CROWN :   Visible part of a tooth in the mouth

ROOT:    tooth that is lodged in the jaw bone

GUMS :    are the soft pink tissue that covers your tooth and bone

JAW BONE :   hold all your teeth in place

PLAQUE :    plaque is a bacterial film found above and below the gum line , usually invisible it some times looks white or yellow plaque can be removed with good self care . plaque is the culprit for destroying teeth gums and bone , most dental problems are due to plaque .

CALCULUS :  plaque hardens overtime to form a destructive yellow or brown deposit called calculus . unlike plaque , calculus can only be removed by a dentist , calculus is also called tartar which can form as early as a few days if plaque is not removed every day

SELF CARE:   brushing helps you clean your teeth , however not al around your teeth , only half the job is done with brushing , flossing however cleans in between your teeth , which a brush does not do .


Tooth ache is often the result of dental caries (decay) which if deep enough , can cause inflammation of the pulp of the tooth or even a dental abscess . Inflammation and infection in the gums cause pain and can result in the tooth becoming extremely sensitive to temperature change or sweet food as the gum recedes and the root of the tooth becomes exposed , you should see your dental surgeon for diagnosis an treatment .


Pain is caused by exposure to cold wind –aconitum

Tooth ache following dental treatment or injury –arnica Montana

Frantic pain , made worse by anger –chamomilla

Pain is aggravated by coffee and warm drinks , tooth ache is relieved by ice cold water –coffea cruda

Very sensitive to the pain and also to any cold air or draught –hepar sulphur

Tooth ache is relieved by heat and warm drinks , pain is much worse after going to bed –magnesia phos

Tooth ache occurs during pregnancy , pain is worse at night and from the cold –magnesia carbonica

Gingivitis and tooth ache are associated with excessive production of saliva –mercurius solubilis

Pain is aggravated by cold and by eating pain is worse during a period –staphysagria

Pain is made much worse by warmth –pulsatilla


If the child is irritable and wants to be nursed use chamomilla (also for similar symptoms associated with colds and diarrhoea ). If weepy clinging –pulsatilla , if not helped by either chamomilla or pulsatillacalcarea phos 6x . infant homoeopathic remedies can be purchased as powders , which can be applied directly on to the gums or dissolved in pure water or in liquid form


There is probably no worse agony than tooth ache as the area is so sensitive . in most cases a visit to the dentist will be essential , but the following remedies may help with the pain in the mean time .

For sudden and violent pains , perhaps precipitated by a cold –aconite may be helpful . if the area looks very red and throbs violently –belladonna should be used for abscess where pus is obviously present and the saliva tastes and smells foul , the best remedy is likely to be –mercurius if you are prone to abscesses and your teeth are generally not very strong silicea should be used to strengthen the system . for pain that lingers after a visit to the dentist take –arnica or hypericum  if the pain is accompanied by extreme irritability –chamomilla should be used . hepar sulph is a suitable remedy for extreme septic states (infected areas ) where had temper is a prominent symptom . another remedy for tooth ache where there are shooting pains –is mag phos . there are several remedies that can help with tooth ache but you still need to visit the dentist .


The dentist who practices homoeopathy is generally concerned about the whole patient and will use homoeopathy to enhance a state of health rather than just treat disease . They may often apply other aspects of holistic dentistry to their patients

Dental treatment can never be completely natural but by utilizing homoeopathic principles the dentist can avoid some of the side effects and also make more pleasant for the patients .

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