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Children’s Constitution And Homoeopathic Remedies

Attractive children – arsenicum album

Big abdomen , spindly legs –abrot,  sulphur

Big belly due to bad digestion –carbo veg , graphitis (constipated )

Big head –baryata carb , calcarea carb , sulphur .

Big head , big abdomen –baryta carb, calc carb ,lycopodium .

Big head , spindly legs , biggish abdomen poorly developed chest , pale rough skin , sweats easily –sulphur.

Big head , coarse hair , heavily built , red lips and ear –sulphur

Cheeks red –capsicum .

Clumsy –baryta carb (awkward movements )—causticum

Clumsy , awkward due to hurry –nat.mur.

Clumsy movements –calc.carb.,capsicum , sulphur .

Coarse hair –sulphur

Cheerful –brom.

Dark hair , dark skinned –iodium .

Delicate –arsenicum, phosphorus .

Dirty –psorinum ,sulphur

Dwarfish mentally and physically (wanting in high )—baryata carb

Emaciation –abrot

Face flushed –capsicum

Face occasionally flushed –graphitis

Face circumscribed patch on cheeks , flushing and pallor about mouth –cina

Fair –calcarea carb

Fair hair , fine skin –brom, aconite , pulsatilla

Fat –cal. Carb. Caps ,graph.

Fat and heavy –graphitis

Fat heavy and pale –antium crud. , capsicum ,graphitis

Fat and over weight –uant.crud, brom .calc.carb. causticum, capsicum, sulphr

Lordosis(bent back) –baryata carb .

Lethargic –calc.carb.

Lifoless –aurum met.

Over fat , soft ,lethargic , big head , big belly ,  with tendency to ricket –calca.carb.

Over weight –calc.carb.

Pale –ant.crud., graphitis , silicea

Pendulous abdomen –thuise

Redness (general) high color (ear lips face ) –iodium, sulphur

Redness about eyes –antium crud.

Red patches on cheeks with pallor about mouth and nose –cina

Sallow complexion –baryata carb , carbo veg. , causticum , lyopodium , sepia

Sickly –kali sulph , psorinum

Sluggishness (physical)-– carbo veg , graphities , pulsatilla , sulphur

Sluggishness (mental & physical ), though well nourished –calcarea carb

Small baby (under weight & undersized )—natrum muriaticum.

Thickened upper lip —brom ,

Thin upper lip –flu.acid. lycopod. Psorinum.

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