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Bach Flower Remedy: Water Violet

Water VioletWater Violet comes from the ‘LONELINESS’ section of Bach Remedies.


People who believe in ‘CLEAN LIVING’ are RESERVED, SEDATE, INDEPENDENT, their SOLITUDE turning to LONELINESS, they seem ALOOF. They are generally PIONEERS and INVENTORS with the attitude of ‘SUPERIORITY in ISOLATION’.




Water Violet was among the first twelve remedies discovered by Dr. Bach, which he named as the TWELVE HEALERS.


According to Dr. Bach, “Water Violet knew the right road but was a li’l proud…!!!!”


The kind of person you know, whom you admire much, but not someone with whom you’ve formed a close bond. The negative WV is far too reserved to allow you to get that close.


These people tend to stand alone, not leaning on anything/anyone. Because of their knowledge n capability, they sometimes appear to be proud, aloof , disdainful n condescending. Their need for privacy makes them appear proud n aloof. They present an image of superiority , capability n calm control. They never seem to fall apart in an unexpected situation but can take charge, ‘KNOWING JUST WHAT TO DO’. Thus, they’re greatly admired and their advice is often sought.


This dependence of other people on them leads to an emotional drain that can cause WVs to begin believing that they truly are special and thus they become full of pride. Always independent in nature n comfortable with their own company, they withdraw further into their shells, where they wish ‘NOT TO BE DISTURBED’.


Although they’ll give their advice when asked, they never interfere in others’ concerns n matters n reject all interference in their own.


The phrases ‘LIVE N LET LIVE’ and ‘KEEP AN UPPER STIFF LIP’ applies so aptly to them.


Even when ill, they prefer to be left to their resources and deal with their own problems. This personality trait or mental rigidity blocks much of their energy n can lead to ‘TENSION’ n ‘STIFFNESS’ in the entire body.


As an employer, the WV expects his employees to follow his lead n if they don’t, he’ll withdraw from them rather than bring down harsh criticism.


After treatment with the Bach Flower Remedy Water Violet, the negatives of the Water Violet personality turn into the positives , wherein, earlier when he was having trouble in ‘CONNECTING’ with people , either at home or at his workplace , now he’d be able to use his self confidence n independent attitude for the good of others as well as of himself. He’d be better able to go through life with a QUIET ELEGANCE and INNER DIGNITY that would draw people TOWARD HIM rather than far away. He’d now be able to better reciprocate to the ‘ENERGIES of the UNIVERSE’.


Such people are RARE indeed and in their positive states , are TREASURES that should be held CLOSE TO THE HEART!!!!!


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