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Renal Stone And Its Homeopathic Therapeutic Approach

General Management

DIETARY ADVICE – They should drink plenty to keep their urine dilute. Fluid intake should be therefore 3 litres per day, more if the climate or patient’s occupation causes much sweating. In persons with hypercalciuria, intake of milk, cheese & other dairy products should be avoided. Persons with oxalate stones should avoid spinach, rhubarb, strawberries, plums & asparagus. Persons with hyperuricaemia should avoid redmeats, offal & fish rich in purines. Eggs, meat & fish are high in sulphur containing proteins & should be restricted in those with cystinuria.

Non Operative Treatment

Small stones less than 5 mm in size pass off with intake of copious amount of fluids & at times forced diuresis. Intravenous hydration may help pass the stones spontaneously.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy – here the calculus is bombarded with shock waves of sufficient energy so that it will disintegrate into fragments using lithotriptors. The fragments then pass down the ureter & are cleared out.

Operative Treatment

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy




Partial Nephrectomy


Treatment Of Bilateral Calculi – Kidney with better function has to be operated first. 1-2 months later, the opposite side can be operated.

Homoeopathic Management of Renal stones

1. Berberis Vulgaris

Renal colic < left side. Stitching, cutting pain from left kidney following course of ureter into bladder & urethra. Burning & soreness in region of kidneys. Pain in small of back, very sensitive to touch in renal region <when sitting & lying, from jar, fatigue. Numbness, stiffness & lameness with painful pressure in renal & lumbar regions. Bubbling sensation in kidneys. Urine greenish, blood red, with thick, slimy mucus, transparent, reddish or jelly like sediment. Rheumatic & gouty complaints with urinary diseases. < motion, any sudden jarring movement, walking, carriage riding.

2. Cantharides

Constant urging to urinate, passing but a few drops at a time, which is mixed with blood. Intolerable urging before, during & after urination. Violent paroxysms of cutting & burning in whole renal region. Violent tenesmus & strangury. Urine scalds him & is passed drop by drop. Membranous scales looking like bran in water. Urine jelly like, shredy. Pain raw, sore, burning in every part, internally & externally. Over sensitiveness of all parts. Drinking even small quantities of water increases pain in bladder.


3. Lycopodium

Renal colic, right sided. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left. Pain in back relieved by urinating. Urine slow in coming, must strain. Retension. Polyuria during night. Red sand in urine. Uric acid diathesis. Child cries before urinating. Pains drawing, aching < 4-8 pm. Upper part of the body emaciated, lower part semidropsical. Ailments from fright, anger, mortification, reserved displeasure. Avaricious, greedy, miserly, malicious, pussilanimous. Excessive accumulation of flatulence, lower abdomen. > warm food & drinks.

4. Sarsaparilla

Passage of small calculi or gravel, renal colic, stone in the bladder. Excruciating pains from right kidney downwards. Severe almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination. Urine bloody, scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy, copious, passed without sensation, deposits white sand. Painful distension & tenderness in bladder, urine dribbles while sitting, passes freely when standing. Air passes from urethra, child screams before & while passing urine.


Pains on urinating over whole abdomen. Vesical catarrh, discharge like fresh white of egg. Red hard crystals. Renal colic < left side. Agonising pain in abdomen causing patient to bend double, with restlessness, twisting & turning to obtain relief. > hard pressure. Pains < eating & drinking > warm application. Shooting pains like electric shocks. Complaints from anger, indignation, mortification.

6. Dioscorea

Renal colic with pains radiating to the extremities. Colic pains < bending forward & while lying. > on standing erect or bending backwards. Violent twisting colic, occurring in regular paroxysms as if abdomen were grasped & twisted by a powerful hand. Pain suddenly shift to different parts, appear in remote localities as fingers & toes.


Renal calculi, gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Renal colic, sharp pain in loins, especially left. Burning in urethra & frequent desire. Urine hard to start. Bloody urine, heavy deposit of mucus. Great thirst with abdominal symptoms & enlarged prostate.

8. Pareira brava

Renal colic, pain going down the thighs. Neuralgic pain in the anterior crural region. Constant urging, great straining. Can emit urine only when he goes on his knees, pressing head firmly against floor. Black, bloody, thick mucus urine. Dribbling after micturition. Urethritis, prostatitis.

9.Eryngium Aquaticum

Renal colic. Pain behind pubes. Congestion of kidneys with dull pain in back, running down the ureters & limbs. Difficult & frequent micturition. Strangury with nervous erethism. Tenesmus of bladder & urethra. Thick yellow mucus discharges.

10.Eupatorium Purpureum

Deep dull pain in kidneys. Dysuria, haematuria, strangury. Boring in bladder & urethra on urinating. Vesical irritability in women. Insufficient flow, milky. Albuminuria, dropsy, diabetes, enlarged prostate.

11.Thlaspi bursa pastoris

Renal colic. Accumulation of gravel. Brick dust sediment. Urine heavy, phosphatic. Dysuria & spasmodic retension. Uric acid diathesis. Renal & vesical irritation. Urethritis, urine runs away in little jets. Haematuria & albuminuria.


Urine scanty, reddish brown, thick sediment, dysuria, gravel. Pain in kidneys extends forward to abdomen & bladder. Urine difficult & scanty, albumen, blood & slime. Kidneys sensitive to pressure. Backache of congested kidneys.

13.Stigmata Maydis (Zea)

Renal lithiasis, nephritic colic. Blood & red sand in urine. Suppression & retension of urine. Dysuria, tenesmus after urinating. Uric & phosphatic gonorrhea. Urinary symptoms associated with organic heart disease.

14. Uva Ursi

Calculous inflammation. Chronic vesical irritation with pain, tenesmus & catarrhal discharges. Burning after the discharge of slimy urine. Frequent urging with severe spasms of the bladder. Urine contains blood, pus & much tenacious mucus, with clots in large masses. Painful dysuria. Involuntary green urine. Urinary calculi, urates & uric acid. Brick red sediment. Haematuria. Deep coloured thick urine. Dysuria, urging to urinate. Lancinating pains from kidneys to bladder. Chronic bronchitis complicated with gravel.

15.Benzoic Acid

Excess of uric acid in urine. Urine high coloured, urinous odour highly intensified. Dark brown, highly offensive. Gonorrheal & syphilitic patients. Pain suddenly change their locality. Rheumatism & gout.

16.Senecio Aureus

Renal colic, great heat & constant urging. Nephritis. Scanty, high coloured, bloody with much mucus & tenesmus. Irritable bladder with headache. Backache of congested kidneys. Functional amenorrhea.

17.Ocimum canum

Renal colic, right sided. Uric acid diathesis. Red sand in urine. High acidity, formation of spike crystals of uric acid. Turbid, thick, purulent, bloody, brick dust red or yellow sediment. Odour of musk. Pain in ureters, cramps in kidneys


Dull burning pain over left kidney. Pain along left ureter. Dragging pain from kidney to bladder. Red sand in urine. Frequent urging, cutting pains. Frequent intense desire to urinate & inability to retain urine for more than few minutes, better urinating.

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