Eye Diseases and Disorders | Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments in Homeopathy

Eye Disorders And Homoeopathic Treatment

The lining of the surface of the eye is known as the conjunctiva and an infection , inflammation ,allergy or a foreign body in the eye may cause an irritation that will lead to conjunctivitis (pink eye)more seriously the colored part of the eye (iris)may be affected by disease or infection and this can also present as a red eye . Visually vision is not disturbed in conjunctivitis but it can be in iritis . A stye is a “boil’or infected cyst on edge of the eye lid and does not affect the eye itself , if treated early because it can be difficult to be sure what the exact problem is , it is best to consult a doctor early on , once an accurate diagnosis has been made it may be possible to use one of the treatments suggested below

Causes : pink eye is usually the result of a bacterial infection is very contagious and a whole school can develop the symptoms e.g., measles or viral infections and will also occur in allergic conditions , especially hay fever styes are often the result of rubbing the eyes with dirty hands or towels or may be a sign of general poor immunity . occasionally a small piece of dirt , an eye lash or more seriously a metal splinter will enter the eye and be the cause of an infection . this is what happens when the conjunctiva covering the surface of the eye becomes infected and inflamed .

SYMPTOMS : red eye with swelling and yellow /green pus which often stops the eye opening . feeling of grittiness or sand in the eye . ache and pain over the eye , itchiness and watery running of the eyes .


Do not cover the eye unless told to by a doctor . it can spread infection . Try not to rub your eyes as this will spread the infection also . it is recommended that no alternative treatment be tried unless an accurate diagnosis by a suitably trained practitioner has been arrived at first . Regular bathing of the eyes before sleeping with a weak salty solution (half a teaspoon full of salt in a cup of warm water )can be help full .


Euphrasia – make a solution of four drops of euphrasia mother tincture 15 ml of lukewarm water , bathe the eye in the solution 3 times a day . Ferrum phosphoricum 6x potency –take five tablets dissolved in warm water 4 times for 3 days . aconitum napellus –red eyes , hot , gritty and swollen . apismellifica –stinging , itching eyes . mercurius corrosovis – lids are painful and stuck together . for the latter 3 remedies take the same dosage as for phoephoricum


Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the outer cover covering of the eye (conjuntiva)as a result of allergy or infection the symptom are redness , discomfort and discharge in the eyes , if you are not better 24 hours after using a homoeopathic medicine , you should see your doctor , conditions that cause the eyes to be painful and red are sometimes serious ,so you should always consult your doctor urgently .


Stinging , burning ,discomfort in the eyes that is relieved by cold compresses , swollen ,pinkish lids —apismellifica

Copious and frequent discharge of pus , conjunctiva is swollen and scarlet –argentum nitricum

There is burning , watery discharge relieved by warm application—arsenicum album

A marked intolerance of light , little discharge —euphrasia

A bland profuse discharge that is white or yellow , condition is better in open air , but worse in warm room —pulsatilla


The eye is a very complex and sensitive sense-organ . the light from outside passes through the lens and is focused on to the back of the eye (retina). The image formed there is then relayed through the optic nerve to the brain (visual cortex)and is interpreted into an image . quite rightly any condition affecting its function is viewed with great concern and should always be treated by an optician

CAUSES :  although damage to and disorders of the retina and optic nerve occur , the most common causes of poor sight are what are called refractive errors , where because of some dysfunction focusing is difficult and blurred vision occurs , the 4 main types are ;

Myopia :  (short sightedness) difficulty in seeing distant objects ,clear focusing only possible on close up objects . possible to read a book but not distinguish writing on a black board

Hyper metropia  : (long sightedness) difficulty in focusing on near objects but patient can see objects further away . this problem may become more apparent as the child grows up .

Presbyopia ;(long sightedness of middle age)this is the most common problem affecting people of 40-50 ears of age and is the result of the lens getting slightly harder . and the focusing power of the eyes thus weakening .

Astigmatism : (distortion of vision) this is due to the cornea (the front part of the eye ) not being of the correct diameter so that light waves are bent as they pass through the lens . other common causes of poor sight include cataracts where the lens contains opacities and loses its translucency . again this is a development of old age , although it can be the result of infection of poor nutrition


Each of these conditions will have its own pattern of visual disturbance which will be picked up by proper eye testing , what most people will notice is blurring of vision and inability to focus . these may lead to aching eyes or head aches , but it is usually symptom less , eye strain , which comes from regular close work , sitting for hours in front of VDU screens or watching TV in poor light may lead to aching eyes and poor focusing as well .


Ensure your close work is done in good light . if there is a family history of poor sight , have regular eye sight checks . once you are over 45 years , if you have any difficulty , get your eyes checked , never use other people’s glasses . ensure you have a VDU screen anti-glare filter if you carry out a lot of computer work . regular bates exercises will both prevent eye strain and improve eye sight . only wear spectacles if absolutely necessary . eye strain will be treated only after proper investigation , but bathing the eyes with any propriety medication will be advised . massaging over the face and nose will help relieve pain and aches , use the thumb and index finger and massage the bridge of the nose up and down for between 5 and 10 minutes , cold compresses over your eyes will help , the easiest is a cold slice of cucumber .


Bathe the eyes with 4 drops of eupharasia mother tincture in 15 ml of lukewarm water . 


It is a condition in which the eye lids are inflamed , red and often itchy and scaling . it is sometimes associated with eczema or dandruff and the eyes can also be reddish . you should try to remove the scales with cotton and moistened with warm water and then apply some calendula cream


Eyelids are gummy , crusty and sticky , a desire to rub the eye lids –borax

Red and swollen eye lids that are sticky in the morning –graphites                  eye lids are red and are sensitive to both the wind and cold air —hephar sulphur .

Eye lids are both inflamed and sticky , condition is aggravated by windy weather —-pulsatilla

Eyelids feel sticky and the discharge is acidic , edges of the eyelids are red in color  ——-psorinum

Eyes are sensitive to the light , a feeling of dryness under the eye lids —sanicula

Edges of the eye lids are dry and scaly , eye lids stick together at night –thuja occidetalis

STYES :styes are small boils that occur in the eyelid . irritation of the eye lid affected is often the first sign that is noticed and it is soon followed by redness pain and swelling


For recurrent styes , eyelids become swollen and sharp , piercing pains develop , conjuntiva becomes red —apis mellifica

Eye lids are dry , red and scaly and there is intolerance of artificial light —graphites

For styes in the inner corner of the eye (nearest the nose) eyelids become red and ulcerate —-lycopodium

A thick profuse yellow discharge ,eyelids become inflamed and stick together , eyes itch and burn —–pulsatilla

Eyes feel  tender to the touch , there is an aversion to the light as it causes sharp pains which run through the eye —-silicea

Margins of the eye itch eyes appear sunken for recurrent styes –syaphysagria

Eye lids stick over night and are dry and scaly –thuja occidantalis

 Note—homoeopathic medicines said above should be taken under the guidance and directions of homoeopathic doctor only .

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