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“None Of Us Is Alone”- PM’s Message To The Nation

Amid a nationwide lockdown to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday shared a video message, hailing the citizens of India for the unprecedented “discipline and spirit of service” they have displayed during this crisis of Corona pandemic. 
He further underlined that although people are confined to their own homes during the lockdown, but “none of us is alone”.
Effects of Loneliness on Mental & Physical Health are well documented & every one of us facing such a situation in life must make the best efforts to ward off negative effects of Loneliness on our health. I am purposefully avoiding listing negative effect of Loneliness on our health as it may increase the panic, anxiety & stressful situation in life of persons suffering Loneliness.
Bach Flower Therapy & teaching India has already published an article on Loneliness which a reader may refer at https://www.facebook.com/bachflowerindia/photos/a.686219531718682/686219505052018/?type=3&theater
There are Bach Flower Remedies which efficaciously handles Loneliness as it helps with other emotional distress. Selection of correct Bach Flower Remedy is based on personality and so whatsoever the problem might be, the remedies should be selected according to the emotional outlook, the mood, temperament & personality of the concerned individual. Although Dr Edward Bach intended his system of remedies to be simple & for everyone to use it, if ones finds difficulty in choice of correct remedies for self & other he may take help Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.
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