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Homeopathy: The Post Modern Personalized Nano Medicine

(Part-5 of my article WAKE UP NOW OR PERISH – humanity in the hands of an unscientific medicine and fraudulent health industry)

Homeopathy is the best suited option for the makeover of medicine from biomolecular chemical intensive therapy to nanopharmacology and genetic medicine. Proponents of conventional modern medicine boast everyday that scientific research and RCT (randomised control trials) are the cornerstone of drug development. It is important to know the scientific methods prior to different levels of RCTs. Drug experiments on lower animals are the starting point and fundamental basis of data collection. Why is it done so? Because all these drugs are toxic, hence dangerous to life. So the primary animal studies and later stage I, II and III clinical trials. 

What ar Conventional systems of medicine always claim that new drugs are to be discovered for every new infection. For example COVID-19 is caused by a new virus so needs to be treated with a new drug. Protagonists of this approach criticized when homeopaths opined that the existing medicines in homeopathy (eg. Ars alb) can be used for prevention and cure of COVID-19. Let us examine this ‘new drug for new infection’ argument. This argument suits for the standard patterns of conventional medicine.  e the logical errors in this system?

  1. Human system is an integrated mind and body unity, in which the human mind is evolved into rational and conscious levels. In lower animals this integrity is lacking and their mind is evolved only up to instinct level.
  2. Human immunogenetic system is much more advanced, complex and incomparable to lower animals.
  3. Homeostasis in human beings and lower animals are totally different.
  4. The statistical averages derived from the studies of lower animals and clinical trials are only averages. As the genetic system of each individual is unique, average values are only an approximation of reality, never the truth.

Conventional systems of medicine always claim that new drugs are to be discovered for every new infection. For example COVID-19 is caused by a new virus so needs to be treated with a new drug. Protagonists of this approach criticized when homeopaths opined that the existing medicines in homeopathy (eg. Ars alb) can be used for prevention and cure of COVID-19. Let us examine this ‘new drug for new infection’ argument. This argument suits for the standard patterns of conventional medicine. 

In homeopathy the approach to drug discovery is different. How is the drug discovery done in homeopathy? Homeopathy has a unique method of ‘drug proving’ to study the drug. This can be compared to the stage III or IV clinical trial in conventional medicine. Homeopathic drugs in 30C (1/1060) preparation are given to healthy volunteers, 4 pills 4 times daily for 3 days initially and repeat the same every 30 days up to 12 months.  The train of signs and symptoms evolving are carefully analysed and recorded. These presentations are the basis of homeopathic drug discovery. Similarity of patient’s clinical presentation with the presentations of the particular drug is the basis of remedy selection for a patient in illness, in accordance with the  fundamental principle of homeopathy – similia similibus curentur. This is not at all an approach of statistical averages based on biochemical parameters as in conventional medicine.

Homeopathic approach is completely individualistic in contrast to the statistical mode of conventional medicine. There are many recent studies in genetics reported in peer reviewed journals with homeopathic 30C drug solutions establishing that theses drug solutions in 30C produce epigenetic modifications like up regulation, down regulation, switching on and switching off of the genes. Similarly recent research works with modern electron microscopy, spectroscopy and other techniques shows homeopathic drugs in all potencies at all higher dilutions contain plenty of nanoparticles of original drug substance (Reported in many peer reviewed journals).

These recent discoveries open up a new vista of possibilities, which ‘define homeopathy as a post modern curative therapeutic approach’ in disease conditions, far advanced than today’s conventional modern medicine. It is logically clear that the 30C used in drug proving experiments give rise to transient epigenetic modifications to bring forth signs and symptoms in the human mind and body. Later when the same drug is given for patients suffering from similar signs and symptoms curing the disease means the reversal of epigenetic modifications that initiated the disease. Now, we understand how homeopathy cured millions of patients around the world without ambiguity. But nothing prevents researchers to follow the path of further research to understand deeply the finer mechanisms leading to the cure in each disease with homeopathic personalized nanomedicine.

Pure science is always truth seeking and unprejudiced. But, if the science is tied up with the commercial capitalist pharma industry it is liable to get corrupted. Such corruption is what is glaringly seen in the field of conventional modern medicine. The therapeutic medicine researchers and policy makers around the world should rethink and abandon the current strategy of conventional medicine. Changing the philosophy of medicine from Cartesian dualism to holistic approach integrating nanotechnology and genetics is the need of the hour. Which obviously leads to holism in medicine and personalized medication for each patient, rather than common therapy based on statistical averages and diagnostic terms. If policy makers and political leadership catch up with this wholesome idea of human health, I am sure that just in one or two decades human health will be redefined for the betterment of human life, the economy and for sustainable development.

The current approach of research based on the commercial needs of the pharma industry is killing all possible intellectual pursuits in the medical research. Every medical researcher has been forced to abandon ideas which question the current paradigm of linear reductionist thoughts of conventional medicine. Instead of using drugs with dangerous side effects, all natural diseases could be treated in the first line by homeopathy and other natural methods, not only in India but all over the world. Whenever a need arises, only then, should the conventional drugs be used as an alternative therapy. In fact conventional modern medicine therapy should be re-designated as ‘alternative medicine’ except in life threatening emergency situations and unavoidable surgical conditions.

The Government of India recently decided to introduce AYUSH systems in the syllabi of conventional medicine. It is a welcome step, but at the same time, the government should insist on opening inpatient and outpatient units in every medical school with experts of each AYUSH system. First hand learning to be imparted to the conventional allopathic doctors about other health systems to understand the significance and value of AYUSH systems in health care. 

All policy makers around the world should take immediate initiatives and decisions to introduce training in homeopathy to all modern medicine specialists. It should be insisted that any surgical and other procedures, except in life threatening conditions, need to use at least two alternative modes of therapies before deciding on surgery, transplantation, etc. This suggestion comes from hundreds of recorded experiences with patients who were waiting for surgery but cured with homeopathy. Patients and homeopathic physicians around the world have millions of such experiences. Instead of conducting studies on such cures, blindly denying the truth of such recoveries as placebo effect is self defeating and against the progress of humanity.

This multi system approach in patients before resorting to costly procedures will drastically reduce the skyrocketing health expenses in the world, which even the economically advanced nations find unable to afford. Universal health insurance is really a cover up to hide this looting of the industry. The current attitude in this system is ‘as you don’t pay you don’t bother’ the cost. But in reality all are paying exorbitant as we pay taxes. Always industry is the beneficiary. Best example for this reality is the standard conventional treatment for cancers.

Therefore, integrating different systems of medicine in patient care and making sure that every general practitioner and specialists are aware of different possibilities of treatment needs to be implemented all over the world as soon as possible to upgrade the art & science of healing. This will help younger minds in medicine to experience the need of diversity in health care and medical science. It is the time for every doctor in the world to reinvent their real self, which is not slavery to the industry and medical associations but the call to alleviate the pain of suffering human beings with all available source of knowledge. 

To be continued……..

Prof. Dr Rajendran
Author: Prof. Dr Rajendran

Dr Rajendran is senior consultant (Homeopathy), Mar Sleeva Medicity, Palai, Kerala, India. He is Author of; 1. The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Literature, Evolutionary genetics and Medicine, 2. Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine, 3. The Nucleus – Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms, 4. New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy

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