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Letter To Prime Minister By Dr CJ Varghese As A Request To Allow GNM And Homeopathy To Prevent And Cure COVID-19

Shri Narendra Modi,
Honorable Prime Minister of India
From Dr C J Varghese
Former Member, Central Council of Homoeopathy and its Education Committee
(46 years of Medical Knowledge with Post graduation in the Philosophy of Homoeopathy ) 
Member of the International LGNM Teachers Team
GEM’S Mind Body Healing Centre, Taliparamba, Kannur District, Kerala
Email: drcjvarghese@gmail.com
Sub: Prevention and cure of Covid-19 using German New Medicine and Homoeopathy.
Sir,In the Context of the Covid-19, pandemic, your AYUSH Ministry has offered an opportunity to place proposals to contain the present pandemic in India. I deem it a God sent one and thank you wholeheartedly for this golden opportunity which I was longing and dreaming since I started learning German New Medicine(GNM), a New and Revolutionary Paradigm of Health and Healing. I have the conviction that it will be the voice of the conscience of the whole world, if learned what is GNM.
‘The Holistic concept of Man is common to all the AYUSH Systems including Homoeopathy. According to the fundamental principles of Homoeopathy, no microbes can make someone sick unconditionally.     The Microbial theory, even though held as a standard theory of Modern Medicine, is not at all approved by any of the AYUSH systems as such. Contemporaries of Louis Pasteur had proved his theory as a scientific fraud. But it was held firmly by the medical industry because of its huge financial benefits.  It is obsolete, unscientific and harmful in its application. The whole panic behind the present viral pandemic is basically due to this wrong theory selfishly held by vested parties and helplessly learned by all the AYUSH streams of Medicines.    

It shall not be forgotten that Covid- 19, is only the last one in the series of similar viral pandemics, like Polio, Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, AIDS, SARS, Chikungunya, MERS, EBOLA, HIV, H1N1, Zika, Nippah, etc. India is still suffering from the TB Disease. These pandemics are  fabricated by Modern Medicine on wrong microbial theory. India , with the AYUSH systems can cleanse the medical field, and deliver our citizens permanently free from such wrong theories in future, if learned German New Medicine and substituted in Ayush systems .    
German New Medicine is a very revolutionary Medical Science, discovered in the early eighties by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935- 2017), a Post graduate doctor of Internal Medicine from Germany.  He discovered 5 Biological Laws of Nature, after 30 long years of research and 40000 well documented case studies. According to its 4th Law, Viruses are not at all exogenous, animated and infecting agents, but are protein particles already present in humans in the form of genetic materials or nucleic acids of the dead cells.
According to Epigeneticists also genetic alterations in RNA occur constantly according to external influences, as described by GNM, by  the biological conflicts like Territory Fear, Death Fright etc.  These beneficial particles appear during the Healing Phase of diseases,  that are really the defense programs of the organisms.  In both Antigen tests and RT- PCR tests, the antibodies and nucleic acids already present in the body are only tested and the hypothesis of a virus infecting a healthy human being and making him sick and dead is a fabricated one by the material medical scientists, who are totally ignoring ‘PSYCHE’ the most important component of a human being only because, it cannot be visualized under an electron microscope. GNM is already the foundation of about 10000 Indian Homoeopaths, including me.  In India alone, about one lakh people have heard about this medical science. It has already reached about 40 countries.  If well studied, promoted and amalgamated to the education of all the AYUSH Systems like Homoeopathy, it can definitely save our citizens permanently from similar epidemics in future also.  The periodical precautionary measures that they propose are only generating panic in the people and is the only cause for the fear of death and terminal causalities like pneumonia and death as well as the down fall of the Economy of our country. 
My proposals can be classified into two: 
A. Short term, and
B: Long term
A: Short term Solution

1. Allow all the AYUSH Health Care Centers to be opened to treat all patients.
2. Homoeopathy has got very effective preventive and therapeutic medicines, to contain the present crisis. Experts in the field shall be consulted to finalize the protocols.
3. Allow patients to choose any AYUSH modality of their choice or to approach Modern Medicine centers. 
4. Only the terminal cases shall be referred to emergency centers of conventional medicine in the context that they do not have a treatment protocol and all experimental drugs administered are causing harm and fatality.  

B: Long Term Solution
India shall at the earliest come out of its historical slavery to ‘English Medicine’, which essentially is anti nature and deserves only 10 % of present day health care like terminal, trauma and emergency.  Now is the time to start the transition from its influence and develop AYUSH systems, just like China does.

The very New and Revolutionary Paradigm of Health and Healing ,  German New Medicine, developed by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935-2017) through his discovery of 5 Biological Laws of Nature can be a very scientific substitute for the present day conventional medicine being taught in AYUSH educational institutions.
India can adopt this model to keep its citizens permanently healthy.
The detailed and systematic knowledge of GNM can be had from www.learninggnm.com.
1. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Honorable Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
2. Shri  Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India
3. Shri Amitabh Kant,CEO, Niti Ayog, Govt of India
4. Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO, South East Asia Region
5. Ms. Preeti Sudan, Seccretary, Ministry of H&FW, Govt of India
6. Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India
7. Balaram Bhargava, DG, ICMR, Govt of India
8. Dr Anil Khurana, DG, CCRH, Govt of India.
9. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala
10. K K Shailaja , Misister of H&FW, Govt of Kerala 

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