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Evolving A Picture Of Coffea Cruda Through Reproving

A proving was carried out according to Hahnemmanian method on Interns of Smt. C. M. P. Homoeopathic Medical College. The proving trials were conducted on 24 healthy provers in the age group of 22-23 years, for a period of 45 days each, in two batches. Reliable preparation of Coffea Cruda in dilutions 30c, 200c and 1 M were obtained in original sealed phials directly from the manufacturer.
Out of 24 provers, 8 provers functioned as controls who did not receive the active drug and were administered placebo throughout the course of the proving. The data thus collected was compared with the known symptoms and confirmed in cases to evolve a picture of Coffea Cruda.

Keywords: Hahnemannian Proving, Reproving, Coffea Cruda.

It has been aptly said that man may change methods and technique, but man can never change nature’s laws. From the times of Hahnemann till today there has been a considerable change in the environmental factors. Reactivity, external formal expressions and to a lesser extent, physical and mental structure have affected humankind to a large extent. These necessarily affect the responses to Drugs. Hence, we need to reprove our Materia Medica in order to maintain its avid richness and effectiveness.

Aims and Objectives
The purpose of this study is to understand and evolve a comprehensive picture of a remedy viz., COFFEA through reproving. Coffee is one of the important polycrest remedies which is more frequently indicated in recent times. With changing times the mental outlook and the attitude towards life have changed dramatically. A full proving of Coffea Cruda by 5 persons, including Hahnemann. It contains 246 symptoms only.

In modern times many more purely medicinal drinks and condiments have been added to our diet: snuffing, smoking, chewing tobacco, eating opium, drinking brandy, and several kinds of stimulating beer, tea and Coffee. Coffee is purely a medicinal substance. Hahnemann has given a word of caution against the use of Coffee in his treatise on the effects of coffee published in Leipzig in 1803. Coffee is used extensively as a beverage. The plant contains caffeol, caffeine and tannin. Raw coffee, after having been rendered more diffusible by the process of potentization adopted by Hahnemann, acts promptly than an infusion of roasted coffee. This is so true that in our proving of crude coffee, the secondary effects, which always constitute the true and permanent effects of the drug, develop so rapidly that we might be tempted to label them as primary action of the drug.

Method and Material
A proving was carried out according to Hahnemmanian method on Interns of Smt. C. M. P. Homoeopathic Medical College. The proving trials were conducted on 24 healthy provers in the age group of 22-23 years, for period of 45 days each. in two batches. Reliable preparation of Coffea Cruda in dilutions 30c, 200c and 1 M were obtained in original sealed phials directly from the manufacturer.
Out of 24 provers, 8 provers functioned as controls who did not receive the active drug and were administered placebo throughout the course of the proving. All the daily records were collected for sifting and compilation, eliminating the symptoms generated through placebo. Data collected were sorted and arranged systematically from head to toe and also graded according to frequency and intensity.

Statistical Analysis
Total symptoms 120 +90 ( Trial 1 and 2). Common symptoms – around 50.

Portrait of the remedy is as described below.

Coffea Cruda is indicated for tall slender constitutions similar to the stately figure of the plant from where the seeds are obtained. Both sexes have neat, refined facial features and a dark, mahogany skin that flushes easily from strong emotional excitement. The eyes are well-shaped with long eyelashes; they shine with a soft luminous quality or captivating sparkle that draws another closer, eyes sometimes have mischievous, humorous glint, as they eagerly notice everything around them or virtually dance with excitement.
If we look at the action of this beverage on living organism we find that it has a short-lasting effect, the same analogy can be seen in the temperament of the individuals who require this remedy. So there are changeable moods, in a few minutes the individual can alter from bright and lively to tired and droopy. They are restless and can’t sit idle frequently changing occupations and want to learn new things in life. The corporate world, modern society with an ever-increasing need for excellence and superlative performance has trained people in time management. Executives spend sleepless nights in planning their next day’s work in advance. There is a relentless flow of endless energy for carrying out the task planned so meticulously.

Excitements and surprises: One of the few remedies indicated for complaints arising from surprises and excessive joy. It is used successfully for derangements, which may be short lasting but have their origin in excitements. She starts quivering or is awake by stimulating conversation, or an idea of exciting evening, party or picnic. Her mind cannot rest when she has a deadline to meet or an upcoming conference. She is constantly brewing with new ideas and concepts in her mind till her mind is distracted to another equally challenging or exciting job. Joy is also listed as a causative factor for China, China Ars ; both belonging to the same family. In China it leads to bleeding. Besides China, Gelsemium too has complaints from excessive joy or surprises. Coffea can also get complains from excessive laughter. Other disturbing emotions are fright, anger, vexation and disappointment in love.

Happy and Cheerful: Coffea is gregarious and needs people around to feel whole, well and happy. (Phosphorus, Lachesis). Their disposition is cheerful, optimistic and resilient. They are highly impressionable and susceptible to their environment. Since they cannot be happy unless others are also, they can bend over backwards to accommodate or to preserve a harmonious atmosphere. Disagreeable or unpleasant feelings can make him physically ill, bringing on trembling and palpitation. They spread positive energy around them and make the atmosphere very lively and fun-filled.

Intellectual: Coffea, as we understand, is a great worker. Its power to think and to debate is heightened, it has super sanity, its memory is phenomenal, a person requiring Coffea can quote you positively from the poetry of any period. Even the ability to focus and comprehend is far superior to most of the known drugs. It labours incessantly for some cause and then breaks down with insomnia thinking of a thousand things in bed. Lachesis too is intelligent and brainy, sudden in decisions, swift and accurate in carrying out, hypersensitive but is subject to fears and anguish with a dash of malice where it differs from Coffea. Belladonna is yet another intelligent drug with the mind so active and fertile that the irritation of illness drives it quickly into the realm of delirium and violence. Phosphorus, at its best, has perhaps more brains than any other remedy. It is overactive, vehement and suffers from its own vehemence, has the element of immodesty.

Vivacious: One cannot miss an individual requiring Coffea as he is bound to be lively, effervescent, champagne-like dynamic personality, overflowing with spirit. He actually looks as he feels – glowing, good-humoured, with agreeable warmth all over the body.

Heightened sensitivity: There is heightened sensitivity to all the external impressions. Can read fine prints; hear sounds which others cannot hear, have a strong sense of smell and taste buds. Coupled with the intellectual mind they can understand others easily, even precocity is seen in children who are ahead of their age and time. Easy comprehension power is also a result of heightened sensitivity. They have an ear for music, especially for romantic songs. Though they respond positively to music, they may still get aggravated by music, especially when diseased. Emotionally, Coffea is sympathetic, responsive and sensitive to another’s wavelength.

Benevolence: It is generally indicated in people who get pleasure in charity work. His innate expansiveness and the pleasure he derives from making others happy lead him to extend warmth and sympathy not only to friends but even to newly formed acquaintances. They want peace and harmonies at all cost and are ready to pay any price for it. A child may part with his belonging though he may need it too.

Capricious: They desire for many things. Since their mind works faster than their hands they may not accept things when delayed. Child gets bored easily and wants a change.

Hasty and hurried: The pace is quite fast and they hurry in their endeavours. She can get restless if her work is left unfinished. The activity is carried out with flair and ease. There is so much life they want to enjoy and experience. Even adult may retain some uninhibited spontaneity that is usually found in children.

Irritability, angry when obliged to answer: There is anger when in pain or diseased. Irritability is also seen when she is questioned. She believes that being a responsible individual she is not answerable to anyone. Hence get enraged if any authority asks for explanation or passes judgment over her behavior. We can find it indicated in generation next who have mind of their own and do not like any interference and are quite adamant about their independence.

Despair with pains and complains: Want immediate relief, as slightest pain is intolerable. Patients feel every complaint acutely. The pain threshold is reduced and they can even exaggerate their complaints. Shrieking with pain, moaning or grunting sound can be heard from their rooms.

Witty humorous: Coffea is made for happiness and may have a highly developed sense of fun. He is easily amused, quick to see the humorous side of things, and ready to laugh at himself. From life, he derives the maximum delight and joie-de-vivre (mirthful, merry, good-humored; sings and trills). The new bands of Stand-up Comedians have cropped up in last decade with wit; humor and aptitude to laugh at oneself have a lot in common with a Coffea personality.

Fastidious and organized: Not only the mind is clear with thoughts and ideas, even they want their surrounding to be equally neat and tidy. They are very organized and particular about their belongings. Can manage any office, organization or home with ease. She can also have a knack for designing and interior decoration. Good sense of color and patterns.

Industrious and hard-working: It is suited to people who are industrious and hard-working. They are better off when occupied and may consider work as worship. Enthusiastic and energetic Coffea may leave anyone baffled. SINCE THE REMEDY HAS BOTH PRIMARY AND SECONDARY ACTION THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS MAY ALTERNATE WITH – Dullness of mind and desire to lie down all the time. Want to just lie down and do nothing. Lazy and aversion to work.

Sleep: Coffea cruda is an important remedy for insomnia. She lies sleepless all night thinking about future plans and any idea that gets into his her head. Sleep is easily disturbed by noise and sound. Children have less sleep as compared to normal child.
The best part about sleep is that though they have less sleep, they don’t get exhausted. Child is playful and not cranky. This may alternate with sleepiness and desire to lie all the time. Plenty of dreams were noted in this study. Vivid fantastic dream, where they imagine pleasant surroundings, paradise-like. Anxious, frightful dreams which may leave a lasting impression on the mind. Frightful dreams like someone doing “jadu tona” on one of the provers which she tried to fight. Also, one prover dreamt of a beautiful scene where on the banks of a river a magnificent “ Aarti” is performed, she seems to get a heavenly feeling watching that scene. One case the patient narrated a dream where he was enjoying at a beach with breathtaking beauty. Dreams of snake were noted in a prover who had fear of snake which disappeared after the drug. Clairvoyant dreams were also noticed. One prover had a premonition in a dream about a friend meeting with an accident. This came true after some days.

1. QUICK and prompt action: The action of this beverage is prompt and quick. The effects are not long-lasting. The cases which were studied also were of acute nature and the relief was obtained soon after the introduction of the remedy. Reproving also revealed that the symptoms disappeared on withdrawal of the drug.
2. Pains: It is basically a pain remedy and is frequently called for neuralgias. Headaches aggravated by heat of sun, mental exhaustion, or excitement. Sudden outburst of pains which make the person mad, totally incapacitated by pain. Sensation of head bursting or parts getting torn is felt. Toothache is ameliorated by holding cold water in the mouth.
3. Sleeplessness: Can do with less sleep. Sleep: easily disturbed by slightest noise. More than half the cases have some or the other sleep disturbance. Coffea in its primary action brings about sleeplessness which later is followed by drowsiness.
4. Restlessness: Cannot sit in one place, there is continuous turmoil in mind with mental activity which makes them restless with activity. This activity need not be futile. Fidgety. from nervous excitement.
5. Perspiration: Profuse, flushing from emotions. From heat of sun. Drenched in sweat after physical exertion. Body is warm to touch. It can also be thought of for flushes in per menopausal females.
6.  Trembling of hands: Due to excitement and nervousness associated with the excitement their hands may tremble.
7. Thermal modality: Ambithermal towards hot. In general there is aggravation from heat. Aversion to open air. Locally all the complaints are better by cold application.
8. Thirst: Increased, for cold water. Gets up at night to drink water. There can also be loss of thirst with aversion to water.
9.  Appetite: Hungry all the time, especially at 11 am. There is either increased appetite or loss of appetite.
10. Craving and Aversions: Plenty of cravings were seen in the provers and the cases studied. The original proving was devoid of any cravings. Only aversion to coffee is mentioned in Hering’s Guiding Symptoms. Cravings seen are for Coffee., salt, sour fruits, highly seasoned, spicy food, sweets. fast food. tea. Ice cream. Aversion to dairy food, sweets.
Tendency to suppuration: Inflammatory lesions were seen in throat, genitals, stomach and skin were noted. Coffea was not hitherto known for suppuration but I found many focus with lot of swelling, redness, inflammation
 Head : Headache from sun, sleeplessness. One-sided headache, as from nail being driven into the head. Pains intolerable, driving to despair. With nausea and vomiting. Dull pain, uneasy feeling in the head. Pain agg. Waking, change of position, opening eyes, better by lemon juice, sitting down. Pulsating sensation. Sensation of tightness.
 Scalp : dandruff, itching, hairfall.
 Vertigo : with fainting tendency. Tendency to fall with pain.
 Eyes : itching redness. Burning with lachrymation. Redness, burning and itching of eyes on watching television. Stye, eyelids swollen, painful, sticky discharge leading to agglutination of eyelids Lachrymation. Desire to rub the eyes.
 Nose ; Blocked nostril, acrid coryza. Epistaxis, bright red haemorrhage. Crust formation after the bleeding.
 Ears : sensation as if blocked, sensitive to sound. Acne: pimple like a nodule with black discoloration. Acne on nose and forehead. Boil on the chin, painful.Itching in acne, scars remaining after healing
 Mouth : Toothache > cold water in mouth, agg. Midnight till morning. During pregnancy. Dryness of mouth,, with emotions. Sensation of lump in the throat.
 Appetite : good, passionate about food. Apthous ulcer, lower lip, pricking pain.Salivation increased, bitter taste in the mouth. Tongue : white coating Craving for Coffee., salt, sour fruits, highly seasoned, spicy food, sweets. fast food. tea. Ice cream. Aversion to dairy food, sweets. Thirst : Increased . for cold water.
 Abdomen – bloated, after difficult stools, disgusting feeling with passage of offensive stools.
 Rectum : Itching, despair with itching. Sensation of something crawling in the anus.Diarrhea. Painless , with nervous excitement, from anxiety. Bleeding – bright red blood after stools. Constipation with headaches. With not get done feeling.
 Throat: Irritation, pain. Recurrent infection of throat. Need to hawk continuously. Brings out phlegm on clearing the throat. Presence of follicles on the tonsils, which bleed easily.
 GUT : Pain in the hypogastrium and ovarian region agg. When the baby nurses. Colic of the left kidney. Worse when she lies, better motion and lying on something hard. Urine: increased frequency.
 Female : Menses delayed or early, profuse, painful with black clots. After pains severe, unbearable. Leucorrhoea thin albuminous, offensive. In one of the provers leucorrhea improved after the proving.
 Skin : Hyperpigmentation, lesions appearing on stress. Candidiasis, itching agg touch of water. Pustules on extremities, painful. Discharge thin watery, mixed with blood, offensive.
 Extremities : Coldness of soles, lateral side of little finger, lt more than rt pain in the thigh, aching, pulsating better by pressure, lying on the painful side.
Clinical conditions: Migraine, Neuralgia, toothache, sleeplessness, backache, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, toothache during pregnancy, after pain, hysteria, depression, candidiasis, purities ani, recurrent throat infections, etc.

We find the portrait of Coffea Cruda thus obtained, suit the attitude and mindset of today’s generations. We need to reprove remedies not proved well to get a clear understanding and get a better understanding for use with changing times.

About the author
Dr Vanita Rajiv Johari graduated from the prestigious CMPH Medical College Mumbai in 1989. She is an Associate Professor at her Alma mater pursuing her passion for healing and teaching for the last 26 years. Her speciality interests are Pediatrics and Psychiatry. She is a classical homoeopath with special flare to prescribe on Doctrine of Signatures. She strongly believes that homoeopathy is a unique combination of arts as well as science and has exceptional writing skills. She was associated with Indian Journal of Homoeopathy as Resident Editor. Is currently on the Editorial board of ‘CMPH Healings’ a newsletter from Shree Mumbadevi Homoeopathic Hospital.

About the author

Dr Vanita Rajiv Johari