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A Prospective Study To Ascertain The Effectiveness Of Homoeopathic Medicine To Decrease Blood Sugar Level In Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is an important health problem affecting a wide population band globally.
A cataract is a common condition observed in patients with diabetes mellitus frequently requiring surgical intervention. Cataract surgery in diabetic patients may result in poor visual outcomes due to the progression of diabetic retinopathy and accelerated development of diabetic macular oedema. Researchers and surgeons are interested in learning whether patients with diabetes have increased risks for complications from cataract surgery.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Cataract surgery, diabetic maculopathy, diabetic retinopathy.

The prevalence of cataract increases with the duration of diabetes and is linked with poor diabetic control. The average prevalence of cataract in young diabetics is 8%, while in older diabetics it is 25%. About 40% of patients for cataract surgery are diabetic of which 14% had retinopathy. Cortical and posterior subcapsular (PSC) cataracts are associated with diabetes; PSC changes are reported to be reflective of blood sugar level.[5] Diabetic retinopathy (DR) may progress more after cataract surgery. Such progression may be observed in up to 20% of patients within 12 months of cataract surgery.

Case History:

Present Complaint:
Doctor: What are your symptoms?
Patient: Painful bleeding piles, the difficulty for passing stools,
Severe pain +++, Pain before, during, and after stools. Piles become prolapsed after long straining and stretching.
First stool become hard and after semisolids.
Patient: Is it curable?
Doctor: yes, of course, you will be fine very soon, anything else?
Patient: my right eye cataract, blindness and difficulty in vision.
Left eye cataract was operated in the 2009 year,
For right eye cataract operation was due but my blood sugar level became high so Dr terminated operation.
Doctor: Have you had any disease in the past history?
Patient: yes, I am pre-diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, and taken allopathic medicine for both diseases and use allopathic eye drop for cataract.
Doctor: Is there anything that gives you stress?
Patient: no.
Doctor: ok

Physical generals are not specific and this man follows all dietary restriction and given advice.
Given advice:
Drink large quantities of water,
Regular morning and evening walk,
Green leafy vegetable and salad, use in a regular diet,
Avoid spicy, oily foods and sweets.
Patient: I come to your clinic by walking.
Doctor: ok, anything else
Patient: no stress in my life, my one son and my daughter are married, both are doing govt. job and both are married, his daughter and daughter in low are posted in MP.
And I am retired from the teaching profession and one grandson is presently in 11th standard class.
My wife suffers from knee joint pain, she was diagnosed for osteoarthritis.
My piles complaint occurred during teaching profession life.

Mental generals: mental generals are not specific
Hasty nature
My every order and advice are followed regularly and regularly follow up are given.
And sometimes he misses the visit to my clinic but every time he informed me and tells his reason.

Diagnosis: Pre-diagnosed case of diabetes and hypertension.
Took allopathic medicine for both diseases and use allopathic eye drop for cataract. (Mezole eye drop).
Monitoring blood glucose levels by using Glucometer.

Aesculus 30/3 for 7 days,
Aloes 30/3 for 7 days,
Hamamelis Virginiana mother tincture for piles
Aesculus piles cream

And after piles, start for diabetic treatment.
GYMNEMA mother tincture.

Follow up:
first visit: 12-1-17
13-2-17 B. sugar= 210mg/dl testing
16-3-17 Prescribed CMS eye drop,
11-10-17 I have prescribed mother tincture GYMNEMA MEDICINE for diabetes
CMS EYE DROP, (B.sugar pp 424mg/dl)
26-10-17 (B.sugar fasting -266mg/dl)
12-11-19 (B.sugar fasting 192mg/dl)
19-11-17 (B.sugar pp 163mg/dl)
12-12-17 He underwent cataract surgery, and thanked me

Homoeopathic medicines are effective in decreasing blood sugar level in the cases of diabetes mellitus.


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