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“A Clinical Study To Assess The Role Of Homoeopathic Medicines In Improving The Quality Of Life In Stress-Related Headache”

In today’s life, stress becomes a major concern for health, it leads not only to mental but physical problems as well. Stress-related health problems are increasing by leaps and bounds. Headache is one of the commonest symptoms developed from extensive stress on the body whether physical or emotional. Amongst various causes, Stress headache accounts for nearly 90% of all headache.

KEYWORDS– Tension Headache, Stress, Homoeopathy

All cases of Stress-Related Headache taking treatment from other systems of medicine, feeling no relief & seeking Homoeopathic treatment are included. The cases of Headache with pathological causes & causes other than stress will be excluded from the study.

Strained economic conditions, insecurity of fixed income, risk of unemployment, fierce competition and corruption lead to fear, anxiety, frustration and excess stress of modern life resulting in the breakdown of the defense mechanism of normal mentation paving the way to for psychosomatic illness. Headache has various causes, amongst them, 90% are due to stress. Risk factors include chronic overwork, disturbed sleep, missing meals, alcohol use etc.
A wide range of events and conditions can generate stress; among these are frustrations (due to failure/losses), conflict, life events, pressure, hassles, traumatic events etc.

a) To evaluate the scope and limitations of Homoeopathy in improving the quality of life in cases of Stress-Related Headache.
b) To evaluate the influence of Miasm in cases of Stress-Related Headache.
c) To assess the percentage of cure with improved life’s quality in cases of Stress-Related Headache treated with Homoeopathic medicines.

International Headache Society in 1988 designated Tension-type Headache (TTH) a new terminology to previously called Stress Headache/Tension Headache. In 2004, International Headache Society divided Tension-Type headache into frequent and infrequent episodic TTH, Chronic TTH and probable TTH.

According to classification, pain as tight or pressing feeling usually bilateral and often experienced in forehead, in back of head and neck or in both regions as tight or pressing feeling lasting from 30min.to 24hrs of mild to moderate intensity. Suffers of TTH may also have Migraine like symptoms including sensitive to light or noise (but not both). Usually not associated with nausea or vomiting. Though TTH is usually self-limiting recurring episodes hampers the normal functioning compelling patient to consult a physician.

Diagnostic tests might be needed to rule out other medical conditions that can cause headaches like Anemia, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid problems, sinusitis, Brain & Spinal problem, neurological causes, Ophthalmic causes etc.

Management of Stress-related headache include General management, Modern medical treatment and Homoeopathic Management

General management- Identify the stressor, Coping strategies and Stress management techniques. Stress management techniques include relaxation and meditation, Massage, Physical therapy etc.

Modern Medical treatment includes Analgesics and Antidepressant medicine.

Homoeopathic management of Stress-related headache: Since Homoeopathy recognizes the inseparability of body and mind and gives due importance to mental state, so very effective in the treatment of Stress-related Headache. The fundamental cause of tension headache is the susceptibility of man, disorderly life, habits and thought; the beginning is from the very mind that is thus the man first becomes sick in his mind and then in his body. Sickness depends on how a person reacts to stressors and thus stress affects everyone differently. So individualization should be the process to select individual or Constitutional remedy. Homoeopathy offers a holistic approach by Individualizing case, for treatment of headache thereby improving quality of life.

HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT of Stress-related Headache includes-
1. In Acute cases, on the basis of acute causation or acute modality i.e. Ailments from an acute condition-
*Aggravation from sun’s heat -Belladonna, Bryonia, Glonoine, Natrum mur.
*Aggravation from cold- Silicea
*Amelioration from cold application- Ferrum phos, Arsenic alb.
*Amelioration from pressure-Pulsatilla, Argentum nit., Staphysagria, Ignatia, Nux vom.
*Amelioration from wrapping up head- Gelsemium, Silicea
*Retiring headache after mental relaxation, on every seventh day- Iris versicolor, Silicea
2. In Chronic cases, detailed history required to evolve the patient’s progress of the illness and its personality—
Calcarea carb.,Sepia, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Nux vom., Coffea, Lachesis, Sulphur, Lycopodium
3. Mother tinctures-
*Epiphegus Mother tincture- Tired headache from overfatigue. Headache preceded by hunger.
*Usnea Barbata Mother tincture- Bursting feeling as if the temple would burst.

Discussion & Conclusion
It can be concluded that Homoeopathy definitely opens a ray of hope to sufferers of Stress-Related Headache patients. Homoeopathy besides relieving the complaints makes a person better equipped to handle stress in life, so that, one can lead future life more comfortably.

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Dr Manisha Yadav, M.D.(Hom.), Assistant Prof. Department of Physiology & Biochemistry, State Dr Brij Kishore Homoeopathic Medical College, Deokali, Ayodhya.

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