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Bavarian Proves To Replace Antibiotics By Homeopathic Remedies

The Bavarian state government wants to scientifically investigate whether the use of antibiotics can be reduced by homoeopathic remedies. To this end, the state legislature approved, with the votes of the CSU and Free Voters governing parties, a request that a medical study should examine how antibiotics could be reduced. At the same time, the role of homoeopathic preparations should be examined in this context. 120 MPs voted in favour of the motion, eight more than the coalition.

The motion, which was part of a debate on so-called multirag-resistant bacteria, has been the subject of controversy. Opponents of the project described the study as superfluous. Criticizing Dominic Spitzer (FDP), “The Bavarian state government’s project is negligent, as it already suggests with the question that homoeopathic remedies such as globules can fight multi-resistant germs.” Until now no scientific study could prove that homoeopathic remedies worked against complaints only.

SPD MEP Ruth criticized the state government project. If homoeopathy is “indeed a proven effect, it is part of the talking medicine, the patient’s overall outlook”. However, she does not understand that “in severe sepsis, it is possible to think about administering these globules instead of antibiotics.”

On the other hand, CSU MPs cited studies that showed the use of classical homoeopathy could be avoided with the use of antibiotics and improved individual infection control. Even in severely septic patients, a study provided evidence that a homoeopathic treatment “may be a useful treatment”.

In total, the CSU Parliamentary Group has presented five motions aimed at preventing deaths from multidrug-resistant bacteria. Apart from scientific studies on the effectiveness of homoeopathy, it is also about the controversial use of antibiotics in everyday life and agriculture.

Experts cite the increased and partially non-targeted use of antibiotics in humans and animals as a reason for the spread of resistant pathogens. Resistant germs are generally harmless to people with intact immune systems. However, pathogens can be dangerous for vulnerable patients, for example in intensive care units. They can cause urinary tract infections or pneumonia and are difficult to treat due to their resistance.

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