Homeopathic Treatment Of Chronic Headache: A Critique


Homeopathic Treatment Of Chronic Headache: A CritiqueThe author critically reviews a randomised controlled trial by homoeopathy for chronic headache and an observational follow-up study of the same patient cohort. The results showed no di¡erence between homoeopathy and placebo. The author believes that these results were a false negative’ due to inadequate homoeopathic treatment, particularly relating to the duration of symptoms and handling of homoeopathic aggravations. Guidelines for future studies are proposed.

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About Author

Prof. George Vithoulkas is a Greek teacher and practitioner of homeopathy. He studied homeopathy in South Africa and received a diploma in homeopathy from the Indian Institute of Homeopathy in 1966. Upon receiving his diploma, he returned to Greece where he practiced and began teaching classical homeopathy to a small group of medical doctors.

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