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Homoeopathic Remedies for Snow Weather

It’s winter! A wave of icy cold. The homepath knows the terrains which are sensitive to snow weather. We can
find the adapted remedies listed in the Directory of KENT in the chapter “generalities” “Worsening in
snowy weather.” We will review them below.
Two remedies at the highest degree possible (3rd degree):
CONIUM MACULATUM 9CH to 30CH: Suited to meticulous and authoritarian persons who
are willingly engaged in a process of more or less esoteric knowledge but drown in details.
High sensitivity to light, tendency to ear‐wax. Chronic obstruction of the nose. Ascending
SEPIA 9CH to 30CH: Great femininity, duality between being a mother and being a woman.
Cold extremities, constipation, great sensitivity to odors, improvement by physical exercise.
Herpes labialis or genital. Cold dragging, greenish flow
Nine remedies at second degree
CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA 9 à 30 CH : A lean subject that grows fast. Bone fractures,
adenopathies, desire for fat, fish. Hunger in the afternoon. Ticklish. Tendency to
gastroenteritis. Revolted by injustice.
CALCAREA CARBONICA 9CH à 30CH : Fearful, often obese. Desire of sugar, milk, eggs.
Sweating of the head, milk crust. Need to stay in its shell.
LYCOPODIUM 9CH à 30CH : Nervous, subject to tics, competitive, wants to be the best.
Gas abundant with stomach aches from 5 pm. Acetone. Aversion for oysters, fear of the wolf
when a child.
NUX VOMICA 7CH à 9CH : Overworked, drugged, meticulous perfectionist. Nausea,
stimulating desire (spices, pepper, coffee) .Obstruction of the nose.
PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM 15 à 30CH : Exhausted, loses her hair, sleeps a lot. Impacted
by a great grief. Greasy hair, aversion to oranges that give diarrhea.
PHOSPHORUS 15CH à 30CH : Sensitive to the cold, Hypersensitive, perceptive, can not
stand solitude. Tickling, desire for salt, extreme thirst for fresh water. Tendency to
pneumonia. Hemorrhagic note, petechiae.
PULSATILLA 9CH à 30CH : Sensitive, tearful, warm, very attached to MOM. Venous
problems, cold with gentle flow and dry cough at night, loose cough during the day.
RHUS TOX 9CH à  30CH : Sensitive to cold, especially at night around 2am or 3am.
Muscular aches, desire for cold milk. Fever at 03h, 09h, 15h,. Red tongue with white
tip, herpes.
SILICEA 9CH à 30CH : Hypersensitive, very intelligent, shy, sensitive to cold,
aggravated by vaccines. Lack of appetite, sweating feet, suppurating skin. Rhino
infected sinusitis, difficult and delayed dentition.
SULPHUR 7 à 30CH : Warmed, relaxed, neglected. Prefers to play instead of working, besides
he already knows everything! Eczema, allergies. Otitis without pain.
Seven remedies at degree 1
CAUSTICUM 9CH à30CH : Fear that a misfortune would come, a tearful dictator. Skin of
lower limbs marbled, torticollis. Ticklish. Constipated, desire for salty foods.
CICUTA VIROSA 9CH à 30CH : Eczema of the face, hyperthermic convulsions, isolates itself
because the world is crazy.
MAGNESIA MURIATICA 9CH à 30CH : Pacifist fleeing violence Constipation in sheep’s
MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS 9CH à 30CH : Precocious, agitated, touches everything. Bad
breath, angina. Profuse sweating.
NATRUM CARBONICUM 9CH à 30CH : Fled the sun, aversion to honey, lily of the
valley. Search the harmony. Gifted for the piano. Ankle weakness.
RHODODENDRON 9CHà30CH : Aggravated by storms. Eczema, hydrocele, asthma. Drop.
Sleeps with legs crossed.
URTICA URENS 9CH à 30CH : Marked by the real or symbolic death of the father.
Urticaria, goutte, verminoses rheumatism. Looks like SILICEA;
Author: Didier Grandgeorge, MD

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