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Homoepath Dr Chetan Raj Treating The Army Men For Free

Hyderabad: With an unfulfilled dream of joining the Indian Army and serving the nation, a true patriot Dr Chetan Raj finds his way to be among them. A strong follower of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Drs. Chetan treats soldiers and ex-servicemen free of charge at his homoeopathy clinic in the city.

“I wanted to join the army after graduating from the Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery. But, there were no postings for homoeopathy doctors in the army. Thus, I took Dr Chetan says there is a clinic in Begumpet and Narayanguda, I started serving ex-servicemen without charging.

Dr. for the last eight years. Chetan has always been fond of homoeopathy. “Since childhood, I was always treated with homoeopathy, even if it was a common cough and a cold. And so, I developed an interest in becoming a homoeopathy doctor myself. “

Dr Says Chetan, “Serving over a thousand soldiers and ex-servicemen till date,” these people who are serving on the border regularly suffer from low back pain, joint pain due to weight lifting and excessive training. Develop arthritis. Reach the middle age. There are also people who suffer from migraines, thyroid and digestive problems. “

In addition to treatment, he also interacts with nation servers who share his experiences. “One of my patients was a commando posted in Jammu and Kashmir. They were going to be poor for lunch, but by then they got a call that they had to go on a mission. Therefore, he and his comrades kept the poor part in their pocket and left. It took them several days to return and they were left with the poor in their pockets. Also, because it was full of cold, they had to wait for the morning, so that some of the heat could make the poor eatable, ”said the 31-year-old Dr Chetan recalls those who take great pride in serving such true heroes of the nation.

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