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Diarrhoea- A Global Threat

Globally diarrheal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old. Though it can be prevented through safe drinking-water and adequate sanitation but India which houses to 17.74% of the total world population doesn’t have the access to clean water & sanitation.
Diarrhoea itself is not a disease rather it is a usually a symptom of an infection in the intestinal tract, which can be caused by a variety of bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms. Main threat posed by the diarrhea is dehydration in which there is loss of water & electrolytes. This loss is to be maintained through oral rehydration salts solution & treating the cause behind through medications.
Omeo Dysentery Drops is a combination of homeopathic medicines which are most commonly indicated in condition of diarrhea & dysentery. It contains Aloe Socotrina which acts on the muscular portion of the large intestines producing severe congestion; haemorrhoids, and tenesmus,  Colocynthis as a violent hydragogue cathartic, with emesis, and bloody stools that are attended with severe colicky burning pains. Other ingredients Nux Vomica, Colchicum Autumnale &  Mercurius Corrosivus acts on the gastrointestinal mucosa & helps in diarrheal conditions.

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