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Rubrics for Occupation as maintaining factor with Clarke's Repertory

Rubrics of CLARKE’S REPERTORY related to profession or occupation. Now the beauty of this repertory lies in its clinical approach. It consist of three main parts:


  1. Clinical
  2. Causation
  3. Temperaments


These rubrics are very important because some times occupation is the main causative or maintaining factor of the disease.


E.g. 1 Phthisis of stone cutters calc carb is the only medicine. I once had a case whose health was deteriorating day by day he was a statue maker and loss of appetite decreasing weight, recurrent cough. The peculiarity of the cough was it was only in one stroke… stroke of cough than 2 mins pause again one cough so this led me to give his calc. he is well now and very good health.


E.g. 2 Headache of student Picric acid is the medicine. A student came to us with complaint of headache , he was weak, anemic, perspiration of hands, headache from studying he was cured from picric acid.


E.g. 3 Worn out businessman and professionals. Kali phos is the one. A man at age of about 50 came to us with complaints of tremors in both feet and both hands, head bald, he was irritable, was doing business from last 30 yrs, and said the first line Dr I am fed up of all this waking up early going to office handle all subordinates, all tensions of business, now I want peace in my life I need to retire. From this we choose the rubric worn out businessman.


E.g. 4 causation driving in cold wind.- Sang.nit. a driver by profession came to us with complaints of allergic rhinitis. He said I had to drive mostly in night, there is lot of rumbling in my abdomen, a lot of flatulence, my nose is always running, I had to constantly haw up mucus to clear my nose and all this after I started driving in night I readily catch cold. He was cured by Sang.nit.


So now these type of peculiar rubrics are found in Clarke’s Repertory.


Temperaments – singers: (1) stann.

Temperaments – singers – helped to hold the voice: (1) menth.



Causation – business – embarrassments: (2) cimic. kali-br.

Causation – business – losses: (1) kali-br.

Causation – failure, business: (1) cimic.

Temperaments – business and professional men, worn out: (1) kali-p.



Clinical – C – clergymen’s sore throat: (5) arum-t. carbn-s. helio. stict. still.

T – Throat, including inner mouth – raw, sore – clergyman’s: (2) alum. arum-t.



Temperaments – constipation – literary men liable to: (1) nicc-c.

Temperaments – headaches – nervous – literary men suffering from: (1) nicc-c.

Temperaments – literary men – liable to constipation: (1) nicc-c.

Temperaments – literary men – and others suffering from nervous headaches: (1) nicc-c.

Temperaments – literary men – sedentary, sick and chilly: (1) asar.

Temperaments – men – literary, sedentary, who are sick and chilly: (1) asar.

Temperaments – nervous – headache, literary men suffering from: (1) nicc-c.

Temperaments – sedentary – literary men, sick and chilly: (1) asar.



Clinical – M – miner’s asthma: (1) nat-ar.



Temperaments – old – age – maids: (1) fl-ac.



Clinical – S – stone-cutter’s phthisis: (1) calc.



Clinical – H – headache – students, of: (1) pic-ac.



Clinical – W – writer’s cramp or spasm: (13) anac. cycl. euph. ferr-i. ferr-p-h. gels. lol. mag-p. merc-i-f. pic-ac. ran-b. sil. tril-p.



Causation – washing – clothes: (1) ther.

Causation – washing – clothes – headache during: (1) phos.

Causation – laundry work: (2) phos. sep.



Causation – cold – wind – driving in: (1) sangin-n.

Causation – driving in cold winds: (1) sangin-n.

Causation – winds – cold – driving in: (1) sangin-n.

Author: Devendra Pal Singh Jadoun, Jaipur.


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