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Bach Flower Remedy – Cherry Plum

Cherry PlumLet us today understand the Bach Flower Remedy CHERRY PLUM
As discussed in our last article we now take up the next fear remedy discovered by Dr. Edward Bach called  CHERRY PLUM .
The botanical name of Cherry plum is Prunus cerasifera. It is one of a vast plant family comprising small flowering trees, including several ornamental flowers that bloom during the spring. Cherry plum trees usually grow up to a height of 6 meters to 8 meters; however, they are generally spruced for the purpose of hedging when they send out sucker roots effortlessly.
Method of Preparation
The preparation of Cherry Plum involves employing the boiling method used in Bach system of Medicine. The flowers are picked along with their twigs that are about 15cm in length to enable them to be accommodated in the saucepan.
Bach Flower Essence Cherry Plum can help people who live in fear that they might lose their minds, have a nervous breakdown, or harm themselves and others around them. It helps individuals to cope in situations where they feel they have little control over their actions.  While the Cherry plum state of mind is an extreme one, most people who are in this state of mind would have to some degree, experienced the feeling that they are becoming fanatical or mad. On the whole there is an overpowering feeling of losing one’s hold on circumstances in order that one is scared that he or she would break and do something unreasonable or incorrect; may be something with devastating results. While in this state, people can seem unreachable and may say or do things which they regret afterwards. They may have wild, scary eyes, and shout or shriek at other people around them. Not everyone who benefits from using the essence Cherry Plum is violent, but they may be increasingly afraid that they will resort to violence with increasing levels of pressure and stress.
In effect there are several different levels of Cherry Plum state of mind. In the relative gentler instances the individuals is likely to simply engage in controlling his/her thought endeavouring to sanitize the mind to reaffirm reason and confidence, self respect over unnecessary awkward, frightening or even agitating thoughts and imaginations. It is interesting to note that several crimes as well as suicides are committed by people who are in Cherry Plum state of mind. In effect Bach Flower medicine Cherry Plum has aptitude to cure all difficulties related to impulse control. During the course of drug rehabilitation or when attempts are made to cure additive imaginations Bach flower remedy Cherry Plum facilitates curing the apprehension of losing his / her determination as well as giving way to any previous customary satisfaction.
Cherry Plum is also the remedy for a loss of control that has already taken place, because of the frantic fear and dread associated with such situations. Think of the fear a small child feels in the grip of a screaming, irrational tantrum: this too is a Cherry Plum state
Dr. Bach’s description
Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.
– The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies
Cherry Plum is one of the ingredients in Dr Bach’s original Rescue Remedy (Crisis Formula) which he put together for emergency use.
Let us study two cases which are taken from the book “Handbook of Bach Flower remedies” by Philip M Chancellor
CASE 1 :
Women, elderly. She was recovering from long illness and had invited a friend to come to stay with her. She then became very abusive towards her friend. However she found out that she could not get along with her. She then became very abusive towards her friend. She would strike out at her and shout hysterically. This was quite unlike her normal behaviour. Her friend left her but this attitude continued towards all people with whom she came into contact and in fact became worse. CHERRY PLUM the type remedy was prescribed for her lack of mental control. The result was remarkably quick, for she had but one more of these attacks. She was advised to continue to take the remedy for another two months in order to consolidate her improvement.
These case is particularly discussed to show when the single remedy is indicated it also works wonders .So it is always not necessary to have combination of remedies.
CASE 2 :
Man, age 30.He came out of World War II suffering from shell-shock and was very sensitive & high –strung. He had served through the entire war in the Air force as a pilot and the strains have just been too much for him. He had been given both drug and shock treatments but neither of these had helped him much. When he applied to us for treatment, he said that he was terrified that he might put an end to himself and that he was terrified that he might put an end to himself and that he was terrified that he might put an end to himself and that he had almost uncontrollable impulse to seize any knife or sharp instrument and ‘end it all”. He slept little and when he did he had bad nightmares. He had lost his appetite and was restless, thin pale. CHERRY PLUM the type remedy was prescribed for his desire to commit suicide. He took the medicine for a period of over two months. Gradually during that time, he became less restless and the nightmares were not as frequent. He began to regain his appetite. Rock Rose was added to the basic Remedy for the effect of shock and he took this combination for another two months. He continued to get better and better; although his progress was slow, it was certain and he continued the treatment for a total period of about nine months. The Remedies were changed from time to time as his moods indicated the need for the combination, but CHERRY PLUM, the type Remedy was always included. At the end of the treatment, he was a different man and he regained his calmness and his confidence. He was able to return to his work he ate and slept well and put on weight and looked very fit and healthy .He married, held a very responsible job and became a most successful business man. This happened almost twenty three years ago, but there has never been even the slightest sign of a relapse.



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