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GNM International 2019 Cases Presented By Dr C J Varghese

GNM In Practice
Case Presentation By Dr C J Varghese M D
Case No. 2: Parkinson’s Disease

Date: 20/12/2018

Patient: 60-year old right-handed male, Islam faith, Minimum education, poor financial status, from a township in Kerala, India diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease – 4 years.

Starting at the age of 25, the patient worked for several years in the Gulf [Dubai]. He got married at the age of 27. After working in his home town for 3 years he went again to the Gulf and worked there till he returned at the age of 56.
He has got 2 sons staying with him and his wife. The older son is 29, the younger one is 26. The older son also had gone to the Gulf but 4 years back he had to return jobless after working there for very few years. He is married with one child but without a job, he is sitting idle at home. The second son of the patient is mentally retarded and physically handicapped. He cannot talk and is unable to go out by himself.

Subjective Complaint: The patient came to see me with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The tremors are in his left arm and left hand. He had been working lastly in an ice factory for 6 years, but he lost his job 3 years ago because of his tremors that had worsened over the past 2 years. His condition started with a headache and weakness of the whole left side of his body. He has occasional cramps of his left toes. All investigations including CT scan, MRI etc. confirmed the diagnosis. He took allopathic drugs for Parkinson’s disease for 2 years and now he stopped taking them because it gave him no relief.

Organ Affected: The muscles of the left arm and of the left hand.
Embryonic Germ

Layer: New Mesoderm

Brain Control Centre: Motor Cortex of the Cerebral Cortex of Right Side of the Brain due to a cross over correlation from the brain to the organ.

Observation: When I saw the patient, he was talking in a weak voice as if he had no energy to talk. He has great financial worries because he cannot do any job due to his tremors. His tremors are more visible in the presence of others and in public places. He, therefore, moves his arm in a rhythm so that nobody might notice his tremor. He is living in a rented house since he could not construct or purchase a house of his own. He is very much worried about his sons’ condition, particularly about his older son.

DHS: The Patient cannot remember the exact date when his tremor started. But he remembers that it was after his elder son in whom he placed a lot of hope for his family returned jobless from the Gulf. So the news of a son’s plan to return from the gulf was his DHS.

GNM Explanation: His tremors of the left arm and left hand were caused by a motor conflict affecting those parts of his body. It is the LEFT side of the body because the conflict relates to his son (for a right-hander, mother/child-related conflicts are associated with the left side of the body). The fact that the motor conflict affects his left arm and hand reveals that he experienced the conflict as “not being able to hold his son” – that his son, being jobless and sitting idle at home, is “slipping away from him” (from his grasp).

GNM Understanding: With the Biological Special Program of the skeletal muscles, there is muscle weakness during the conflict-active phase and muscle stiffness during the healing phase. The tremors occur during the Epileptoid Crisis. The tremors, preventing him from using his arm and hand properly, cause additional motor conflicts, leading to a chronic condition. Negative prognosis of having an “incurable disease” also added more motor conflicts and, consequently, a worsening of the symptoms.

GNM Therapy:

I explained to the patient the reasons for his tremors based on GNM.
I told him that that he could come out of his condition if he is able to understand the cause for his tremor and can accept the situation of his older son (that the son is responsible for his life).

Results: When he returned to my clinic after one week, I noticed a considerable change in him but he was still not ready to believe that Parkinson’s disease can be cured. He was so much brainwashed by Allopaths that ‘his condition is incurable’ was the strongest negative belief in him. He agreed that there is a small change but only about 5 per cent. I took another long session of GNM THERAPY explaining his condition based on the science of GNM and sent him home more convinced and hopeful.

On January 12th of this year, when he came back to see me, his tremor was fully gone. Due to his financial difficulties, he did not come back to me for a consultation but 3 months later, when I met him in a Medical Camp where he is getting free treatment for his second son, I learned that he is still free from any tremors.

This became possible only with GERMAN NEW MEDICINE.

Without the knowledge of GNM, I also would not have attempted for taking up a case of Parkinson’s Disease so confidently.

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