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Practical Application of Law of Quantity in Acute Tonsillitis

acute tonsillitis“The quantity of action necessary to effect any change in nature is the least possible”: – Maupertuis


“The decisive amount is always a minimum, an infinitesimal.”: – Dr. Fincke


Abstract: Homoeopathy and minute doses are commonly regarded as synonymous terms.  The selection of remedy can hardly be said to be completed until the potency and dosage have been decided upon. These three factors viz. remedy, potency & dosage, are necessarily involved in the operation of prescribing. In general, it may be stated that any curable diseases may be cured by any potency, when the indicated remedy is administered but the cure may be accelerated by appropriate selection of the potency or dose. The wisdom of this teaching can be learnt only by its application & its outcome which constitutes our experience. In this regard, the following case demonstrates that how much significance is there to select appropriate potency & dosage along with the remedy.


Background Information:

The patient is my elder sister in law. She presented with sudden onset of throat pain, so I took her acute case and gave medicine with few instructions to be followed.


Homoeopathic Case Record:


Date:  26/6/15 Reg. No. 20/June/15 Name:  Dr. Mrs. MMN Age/Sex:   36yrs/F
Religion: Hindu Education: BHMS Occupation: Teacher & Practitioner Marital Status: Married
Name of Husband: Dr. MDN Husband: 38 yrs. Occupation: General Practitioner Children: 1 Son:  9  yrs
Daughters:  13  yrs
Diet: Veg. Address: Aadarsh Colony, Latur


Chief Complaint

Location Sensation Modalities Accompaniments
Since yesterday night
I- Moderate
O- Sudden
*I- Intensity, O- Onset, P-Progress, D-Duration, Fr- Frequency
Prominently on external side
No Fever
*1,2,3 Intensity
A/F Cold Drinks 2
< While Talking2, Drinking2, Deglutition2


Past History (P/H):   Nothing Significant

Family History (F/H): Fa: Hypertension

Physical Generals: Normal: Not affected in acute state

Thermal State: Chilly

Examination Findings:

= Temp: Afebrile= Pulse:  80/min=BP: 110/70 mm Hg=Weight: 60 kg =Tongue: Moist

=Throat- Lt side Tonsil inflamed – Congested – Externally Swelling++ – Tender++

Systemic examination (S/E) CNS/CVS/RS/PA: Normal

BP- Blood Pressure, CNS- Central Nervous System, CVS- Cardiovascular System, R/S- Respiratory System, P/A- Per Abdomen

Case Processing

  • Disease Diagnosis: Acute Left Tonsillitis
  • Hahnemannian Classification of Disease: DynamicàAcuteà Sporadic
  • Miasm: Dominant: Psora
  • Involvement of Respiratory System, Initial stages of Inflammation & Structural Alteration, Reversible Pathology & Sudden Onset
  • Susceptibility: Moderate {Moderate intensity of symptoms & signs}
  • Potency: 200 (Considering the nature of pathology & level of susceptibility)
  • Repetition: Frequently: – Acute disease, pathology of inflammation, primary stage of disease, moderate susceptibility, vital force needs repeated stimulation in acute as action of a remedy is known to exhaust early, therefore frequent repetitions are indicated.
  • Selection of Repertory: This case has pathological generals therefore Boger Boenninghausen’s Repertorial approach has been selected.
  • Totality: <Tissue Affinity: Tonsil<Affected Side: Left <Pathology: Inflammation: Acute<Nature of Disease: Acute < Modalities: < While Talking2, Drinking2, Deglutition2 Chewing2:- Interpretation: Any act of motion of the affected part aggravates the complaint
  • Repertorial Totality with Classification & Evaluation of Symptoms
Totality Evaluation of Symptoms
Throat Left Side
Inflamed Tonsils
Swelling, One sided externally
Aggravation, Cold drink
Aggravation by motion of affected part
Tissue Affinity
Tissue Affinity
Tissue Affinity
Modality, Causative
Modality, Aggravating
  • Repertorial Sheet

Final Selection of Remedy:  Merc Sol 10/4, Bell 10/3 & Nux Vom 10/3: – Merc sol covers the totality. On finer differentiation of Materia Medica Mercurius Iodatus Ruber was selected considering its prominent action on left side, sphere of action on tonsils & pathology of inflammation.

  • First Prescription: Mercurius Iodatus Ruber 200 qds x 2 days
  • Advice: Voice Rest, bland Diet, avoid oily food, cold food/drinks & to do warm water gargles

Follow up

On 27/6/15 Evening patient reported that her Swelling>3Pain>3 Heaviness>3 and she is able to open mouth without any pain, her swelling on external neck was also >3

Patient also reported that she had taken only two doses one stat & the next one in the morning later on she forgot to take medicine and even didn’t had any complaint.

O/E: – Mouth: Left Side: Tonsil: Inflammation >3 External Swelling >3 No congestion & No tenderness.

Conclusion: Only two doses of Mercurius Iodatus Ruber 200 cured this acute case which demonstrates the significance of appropriate selection of potency & dosage along with the Similimum.



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