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How To Assess Mental Health With Homoeopathy To Battle The COVID 19


Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College under the guidance of               Dr Shivaprasad k., Hod, professor, Organon of Medicine- Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital Mangaluru.

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Dr Shreya N Padiyar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine.


BACKGROUND:  The main aim of this article is to get the self-awareness and tackle the Pandemic with sound mental health as well as to trace at what level this pandemic has affected an individual’s mind and also the Role of mental health in homoeopathy

KEYWORDS: Homoeopathy, Covid 19, Mind, Health, Awareness.


What you perceive is your reality, what I perceive is my reality, there is no reality as such, there are only perceptions. Same quote holds good in our system of medicine also, it’s the physician’s duty to first perceive the case so clearly that he will be able to reach very close to the reality of the case and then construct the totality using the true unmodified picture of the case and prescribe a true similimum.


What do you mean by mental health?

It is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing its Healthy Balanced development of the individuals own personality as well as emotional attitudes in different situations of his day to day life, which helps him to live harmoniously with his fellow-men surrounding him is Mental Health1.

Same definition holds good when it comes during the pandemic which has affected the whole world. Its easy to say we need to be calm, should not panic and situation will be under control etc. but same time its not so difficult to manage the situation also, as our master Dr Samuel Hahnemann said “the more tangible the truth, the more time will it spend to conquer the space it belongs to. Obstacles present themselves due to the fact that this truth generates true hate – because it announces a revolution, a disturbance in the existing interests and conquered places’’2. So basically, mind is the mirror of health, if your happy your body will be happy if both are happy then its nothing but the actual definition of health.

What are the reasons for mental ill-health?
In Ancient era concept was Invasion by some evil spirits, Demonic powers, Curse and people used to believe that when a person says I can see someone ,I can talk to someone and only I can see them no one else see them , they used believe it as an Invasion by some evil spirits, and they are having demonic powers. So, no one knew those days it’s basically an attitude of a mentally ill person. When it comes for modern era there are Infinite reasons to talk about amongst them the present trending problem is Covid 19, when the whole world was at halt all of a sudden known as nation wide lockdown there were lot of mixed emotions throughout the world. The biggest battle which was in front of every person was how to tackle the situation and major health issue what we have come across was the mental trauma to most of the workers and their family which was living on the salary what they get. To contribute to the above statement there were several studies done which states that the gender as both a modifiable and nonmodifiable factor. The researchers found that being female increased the risk of low mental health status by 3.96 times. People with a “weak economic status” also scored highest for mental health conditions in many of the study3.

What are the causes for mental illness?

Mental illness itself occurs from the interaction of multiple genes and other factors such as Stress, Abuse, Traumatic event, which can influence, or trigger, an illness in a person who has an inherited susceptibility to it. As we say in Homoeopathy something known as mental state of an individual ,the mental state of individual is the reaction of an individual to a particular situation which he comes across,similary the reaction of each one of was to the pandemic which affected the whole world was different and that’s what we say in Homoeopathy that every individual if different from each other and his reactions also different and every individuals problem has a solution in Homoeopathic Materia medica and it is always depended on the Physician to perceive the case clearly and find the true similimum to help the person suffering from the Pandemic so that he becomes mentally strong to fight back the problems he is suffering from, as healthy mind also improves the immunity and quality of life of an individuals as there is always an Important Link between the Brain and Immune System4.

What are the major Reasons for mental ill-health?

  • Lack of awareness of self-ability
  • More goals but less capacity
  • Modernization
  • World of comparison
  • World of competition
  • Lack of satisfaction

Which Two Qualities a healthy person should have which will help the person to battle Covid 19?

  • Self-Consciousness – Knowing both Positives & Negatives of self
  • Self-Awareness – Knowing strength, Interest, as well as Limitations

Self-consciousness is undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions and Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings. When person came across huge stress because of the pandemic these two main qualities above mentioned were totally shattered & Person without self-awareness Will be guided by external environment so intensively that he gets carried away and takes wrong decisions further it will end up with Very Poor judgment, Always Dis-satisfaction, Unhappiness every time & in everything. So these are the main indicators for all of us to stop and rethink what is our major purpose of existence and work accordingly and battle with this so called monster Corona and win it with our self-consciousness and confidence5.

What are the Characteristics of mentally healthy person?

To know what is wrong first we should know what is right so now let’s see the characteristics of mentally healthy person, he always feels always comfortable about himself, Feels reasonably secure in all aspects of life, Never under estimates his own capacity of doing work, Never over estimates himself in any situations, Feels right towards others and their feelings, Takes responsibilities for his neighbors so that all leaves in peace & harmony.

What is the outcome of being mentally strong during this Pandemic?

End product of being mentally sound is the person affected will be able to meet the demands of his life & His Family and Will never become the slave of his emotions such as Fear, Anger Anxiety during hie battle with the Covid 19.

Factors which should be our best friend always:


Factors which should be our enemy always:


How can we keep ourselves mentally healthy?

Not just during this pandemic but also for our whole lifetime, we should know our capacity-what we can do, we should know what our limitations. We should know what we can try to do, should think how to help others who are in need, should be able to adjust with others Should respect others feelings

Role of mental health in homoeopathy:

The sole aim to be mentally fit is by Having positive thoughts and good control over our emotions. All this is possible when our vital force is at ease Thus, we will be able to find the CONSTITUTION of an individual and it’s very easy to find, of those with good mental health.


The main objective of this article is to keep ourselves mentally fit, with inclusion of following points in our life

  • Always have self-consciousness and self-awareness.
  • Have positive thoughts, think positively.
  • Avoid worries and tensions.
  • Have planned routine work.
  • Try to be a center of attraction developing good qualities such as understanding others, helping others, respecting others and co-operating with others.

The important message to all Homoeopathic Covid warriors out there in the society battling against this Pandemic and serving the humanity is that as our master always said “Homeopathy lays only over my experience. Do imitate me, but do it well and you shall see at each step the confirmation of my statements”7So lets give our best to the Society to tackle this Monster so called Covid 19.


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