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Book Review of "Allens Key-notes Rearranged & Classified (10th edition)"

Allen's Keynote, 10th edition“Allen’s Keynotes” is one of the most popular and widely read materia medica. The reason for its popularity being its preciseness and comprehensiveness. This title is designed keeping in view its usefulness for the students and practitioners of homeopathy.

The work of a homeopathic student while studying and applying materia medica is to constantly compare and differentiate. He must compare the pathogenesis of a remedy with the recorded anamnesis of the patient; he must differentiate the apparently similar symptoms of two more medicinal agents in order to select the simillium. To enable student or practitioner to do this correctly the student must have proper knowledge of the individuality of the remedy; something that is peculiar, uncommon, or sufficiently characterstic in the polychrest remedy that may be used pivotal point of comparison. This pivotal point may be ‘keynote’ a ‘characteristic’ or the ‘red strand of the rope’. This excellent work by Dr H C Allen helps the reader to grasp the PQRS symptoms in no time.
Contents of the book

  • Preface
  • Alphabetical list of leading remedies
  • Characteristics of leading remedies
  • The Materiamedica of some more important  remedies
  • The Bowel nosodes

The symptoms in this edition follow a logical sequence. The symptoms are grouped together so as to facilitate a deeper understanding of the drug.
The abbreviation of remedies has been standardized according to the SYNTHESIS REPERTORY.
Dual headings have been removed.
Headings used are:

  • Constitution
  • Mental Generals
  • Physical Generals – desire, aversion, appetite, thirst, sweat, sleep, dreams, general modalities, side, general symptoms which affect body as a whole like susceptibilities, oversensitiveness, prostration, exhaustion, fainting, physical factors, pain,etc, are place under this heading.
  • Modalities
  • Relations

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