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Ayush Grouse Against Govt in Bihar

Patna: The Ayush Medical Association has accused the government of meting out step-motherly treatment to the Ayush medical colleges in the state.
The Ayush Medical Association held a meeting on Sunday in which they discussed about the poor condition of ayush medical colleges and ayush doctors in Bihar.
Association president Madhurendu Pandey said while the state government was branding its measures for opening new medical colleges for the MBBS course on one hand, it was hardly taking any such initiative for ayush medical colleges.
“This is the condition when the chief minister claims to be the son of a vaidya (ayurveda healer),” said Madhurendu, adding that four government ayurvedic medical colleges were closed one after the other in Buxar, Darbhanga, Begusarai and Bhagalpur districts since 2004 because the government could neither fill up vacancies of doctors nor could it meet other requisite infrastructural requirements.
“This has not only affected the treatment facilities in ayush discipline but it has also affected teaching. Students are forced to take admission in private ayurvedic colleges on paying hefty fees,” added Madhurendu.
Madhurendu claimed that ayush practitioners were also being given much lesser salary than their MBBS counterparts.
“The ayush practitioners appointed in 2010 are being paid around Rs 24,000 monthly salary, while those appointed in 2015 are being handed over around Rs 22,000 monthly salary, which is comparatively much less than what MBBS doctors are getting.
On the other hand, ayush doctors only manage many primary health centres and additional primary health centres.
“The ayush doctors are given night duty and also emergency duty. Despite all this, ayush doctors face ill-treatment in terms of salary,” said Madhurendu.
Many members of the Ayush Medical Association also raised the matter of unavailability of medicines in the ayush medical colleges.
“There are hardly medicines available in the Rajkiya Ayurvedic College, Patna. The state government is not sensitive about the state of affairs of ayush healthcare in the state. Ayush happens to be the ancient mode of treatment but the government is completely neglecting this discipline,” convener of the association B.B. Upadhyay, who was also present in Sunday’s meeting.

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