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AYUSH Doctors Deployed at Siddhartha Nagar

Siddhartha Nagar: Government has given a new arrangement in view of the severe shortage of doctors on government hospitals. Under this, the commission has posted the order for the deployment of AYUSH doctors on new health centers. All of them will be authorized to write allopathic medicines. After receiving the letter of Director of NHM, the new phase has been given to 10 new health centers in the district in the first phase.
Health arrangements have been faltered due to lack of coordination with the posts of public health centers, primary health centers and new health centers across the state. To bring this on track, the government has authorized AYUSH doctors appointed on contract under National Health Mission to write allopathic medicines while giving new assignment to new health centers.
Apart from this, the doctors of Ayurvedic medicine will also be deployed. After receiving the letter from NHM Mission Director, the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ved Prakash Sharma has given new assignment to AYUSH doctors at 10 new health centers. Dr. Brajesh Chandra, posted in the Community Health Center, Uska Market, seals a new primary health center; Dr. Subhash Chandra Sharma posted at primary health center, Bhanvapur, will set up a new primary health center.
Dr. Ishtadev Arya, Dr. New Delhi, Dr. Dr. Fozia, in New Urban Health Center, Kawadaura, Dr. Alymullah Khan of AWD, Aishush, Mahadeva Market, Dr. Radhe Raman Maurya of DWH AYUSH, Urban Center, Nogarh, Ph.C. Saheen, Tamanna Siddiqui, AYUSH Joint District Hospital,
Dr Yasmeen posted in the primary health center, Birdpur; Aishushgarg District Joint Hospital, Community Health Center, being posted in Kesariha, Dr. Salahuddin to the new Primary Health Center, Kathmohara, Dr. Rabindra Kumar Shrivastav, posted at the community health center, Shohargarh, is set to provide a new primary health center Innovative deployment has been given in Ahirauli.CMO said that the exercise of giving new entrance to new health centers is also in the final stages as well as working doctors under Ayurvedic medicine.

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