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Book Review of Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies

Book reviewed by Dr Taru Bhagat
‘Clinical Observations of Children Remedies’ is thoroughly a book based on years of clinical experience of an eminent homeopath who has been constantly contributing to the fraternity with his outstanding artifices
which are extremely relevant to the system.There is a detailed description of seventy six remedies whose relevance has been clinically observed and verified by the author. All the symptoms have been extracted from the psychoanalysis of children, family, state of mind of mother during pregnancy, labor, lactation etc. Each remedy has been explained under two divisions-
Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies identifying features (mental and physical symptoms) and other important symptoms (clinical and pathological data).
Various sets of abnormal behaviours that can be observed during the different stages of development have been explained in a very practical and lucid manner, like Infantile autism, Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder,
Speech problem, Childhood psychosis, Dyslexia, School phobia etc. The art and science of homeopathic pediatrics with details about case taking, quality of a homeopathic physician and personality profile of a homeopathic pediatrician has been elaborated.
Painstaking effort of the author comes as the observations of new born, infants and toddlers. Basic physical examination exclusively of the children have also been highlighted. A key feature of the book is a section of power point presentation regarding skills in treating the new born.
The book has detailed description of various homeopathic remedies with emphasis on their identifying features,keynotes, particular symptoms with examination findings, general symptoms and comparison (similar and differentiating) charts.
About the author
Dr Farokh J. Master, M.D. (Hom.), is a gold medalist and his clinic has been awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ by Dr Michael Lorenz recognizing his clinic as an important center for Iscador therapy in India. He has a rich teaching experience for more than twenty five years in different schools of homeopathy throughout the world. He has authored more than fifty books on homeopathy; most of them are best sellers. His professional articles have been published in journals of international repute. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the largest circulated journal – The Homeopathic Heritage.

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