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Exclusive Interview of Prof. (Dr.) Nilanjana Basu ,former Vice- Principal, Bakson Homoeopathic College, Gr. Noida

Dr Abha(ED): A What were the unique things you found about Bakson Homoeopathic College during your work period?
Dr Nilanjana Basu(NB):  Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital is one of the best, not only infrastructure, but also in propagating the best education in under graduation and post graduation courses by highly knowlegeable and energitic faculties. The uniqueness of Bakson is its congenial atmosphere along-with discipline and oppurtunities.
ED: How was your typical day while working as a Vice-Principal?
NB: As a Vice Principal, I used to start my day with new challenges. I always used to walk into my room with abundant energy and new ideas to spread among my staff and students. I used to communicate with my colleagues about upcoming events of the day to conduct smooth running of classes and hospital. Administration made it a bit difficult for me to take classes, but I never left teaching – my passion. I use to take clinical and theory classes in U.G. as well as P.G. schedule. Communication with the students was also open; all the students were free to discuss their problems with me. I used to have lunch in our cafeteria together with my colleagues, this helped me to maintain a cordial environment and understand the difficulties if faced by them. Talking to the other supportive staffs was also in my routine. I feel communication is one thing that can solve many challenges.
ED: How is India’s current homoeopathy medical education scenario?
NB:  India is one of the global leaders in Homoeopathy. We are proud to be a part of it. Homeopathic Education is regulated by Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH), a venture of Govt. of India, under Ministry of AYUSH. We have regular courses to study Homoeopathy right from the Undergraduate level (BHMS) which could further be augmented by Post-graduation recognized as M.D. (Hom.) which is currently conducted in 7 subjects, and more subjects are to included in near future. PhD is the topmost specialization in Homeopathy right now in India. The world is looking towards us in education and research. We need dedicated teachers and organizations to uplift education so that foreign students can come and join our courses.
ED: The environment for Homoeopathic medical research in India is very conducive. Do you agree?
NB: Yes, I do feel it is very conducive. Research is the only tool which could complement and enhance the knowledge and education curriculum. Moreover we need to explore possibilities in treating the terminal diseases wherein I feel we can do wonders. I am glad that the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) is gradually widening the research criteria for effective treatment in almost all the diseases. We can use the Analytical minds of the students for scientific growth of the system.
ED: What are your views on public trust in doctors and other challenges?
NB: Today, when we are very much supported by our government, the public has great trust in Homoeopathy. The awareness in the masses has increased. There are many online portals where you can find homoeopathic doctors for consultation and  management of various diseases. Telemedicine has made a sudden bloom and helps the public to reach out to many doctors whom they could hardly meet. External validity in our science is tremendous.
ED: Why is research- orientation low in the homoeopathic colleges of India?
NB: There is lot to do for promotion of research work at the institutional level. We need to design policies that can promote research at institutional level to involve maximum participation of teaching hospitals and students in the programs. Funding for research in private sector is an issue. If we can inculcate the essence of research in the under graduate level, and nurture it during internship, it will bloom during the post graduation. The value of research should be visible during early years of training. Classes should be research-oriented, based on recent advances in medical science. Student will automatically take interest in it.
ED: What is your take on funding scenario for homoeopathic sector?
NB: Funding… well, it is in abundance in government sectors, be it in education or be it in research. But if the scene in private sector is not very encouraging, only a few corporate groups are doing efforts and Bakson is one of the leaders in that. We need more encouragement to uplift the system financially also for which I think private sector needs to promote research programs and make treatment available for all the diseases.
ED: Most of the students join B.H.M.S as a secondary option. How you used to make them aware of the challenges and opportunities.
NB: Seeing is Believeing” – I believed what Homoeopathy can do after seeing the results. I did the same with my students. If they see results their belief gets firm. Opportunities become visible in their mind automatically. This is what I call Evidence -Based Teaching.
ED: How you uplifted the morale of your students with regard to career during your work period in Bakson?
NB: Well… I did career counseling with my interns every year. It is very obvious that they had many unanswered questions in their mind that made them clueless and indecisive about their career. My counseling helped them in deciding which area to choose according to their interest and situations.
ED: Is pursuing courses in hospital administration and emergency medical service along with B.H.M.S a road to employment?
NB: Hospital administration and other emergency medical service courses are upcoming these days. These courses complement the skills of a Physician and gaining new skills is always good to match your pace with the other modes of Health System. Hospital Administration comes automatically when you run teaching hospitals and a special course will always enhance your skills. Emergency Medical Services are something which should be learnt by all because a doctor can encounter such situation anywhere.
ED: What steps you and the college took to ensure decent OPD inflow during your work period. What was your contribution towards the hospital attached to the Bakson Homoeopathic College?
NB: I must mention here that our C.M.D., Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi has a great vision regarding the hospital. Under his guidance, Bakson has a teaching Hospital comprising of Out-Patient Departments and In-Patient Departments in the premises and Peripheral OPDs all around the villages of Greater Noida. Even the POPDs are well-equipped with designated Medical officers. The teaching faculties have their scheduled visits for the purpose of clinical classes and imparting health services in the rural areas. The clinical classes are conducted in IPDs. Interns and P.G.s are posted in all OPDs, IPDs and Peripheral OPDs on rotation basis. Overall in excess of 1000 patients on an average are attended at Hospital and Peripheral clinics of Bakson that itself is a tremendous number, and ultimately the number is going to increase and create a phenomenal response. Awareness programs and Camps are also organized by the Community Medicine Department of the college involving the interns and P.G.s.
It was a challenge infront of me to run the IPD, by God’s grace and a dedicated team, the IPD has an inflow of regular patients now. It was an honor for me to work with an efficient team. We had admitted different cases, with special mention here, surgical cases, where I could show positive results to the students.
ED: What suggestions would you like to give as former Vice-Principal of Bakson Homeopathic College towards making Bakson college a better hub of education?
NB: I would like to suggest having regular sessions of teachers to update their knowledge with recent advances in medical science. Their teaching should be uniform and research oriented more with sharing of clinical experiences and challenges. The backbone of medical education is the hospital. So more and more patient inflow will encourage the students to learn. Research should be taken up by the college in different priority areas. The post graduate students should be encouraged to do authentic studies in diversified areas and get them published. I wish all my colleagues, students and supporting staff a great future ahead. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. SPS Bakshi for his valuable guidance and for the wonderful opportunities he had given me. He kept faith on me always and believed in me whenever I wanted to something new.
ED: What are your future objectives and vision from now in the field of Homoeopathy?
NB: I believe in Propagation, in Dynamism…. stagnation is death. Propagation of Homoeopathy can be done in two ways — by Education and by Practice. I have been teaching since twelve years and inculcating the art and science of Homoeopathy in students. Now I am on my mission to propagate Homoeopathy in the masses.
•       My future is — The Renewal of knowledge among Homoepathic physicians and practicing — Just Homoeopathy.

                                                                    Prof. (Dr.) Nilanjana Bas

                BHMS from D.N.De Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Calcutta University
                M.D. (Hom.) Repertory Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra
            Work Experience
                Professional experience since 2002
                Teaching experience since 2004
                Worked as Vice Principal, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Greater Noida
                Worked as P.G. Incharge, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
                Worked as Hostel Superintendent, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
                Worked as a Homoeopathic Consultant in Shree Vishuddhanda Hospital, Kolkata
                Worked as a Homoeopathic Consultant in Sri Aurobindo Seva Trust, Kolkata
                External examiner for various Universities
                Presented papers at various National and International Seminars and Conferences
                Published various cases and articles in journals
                Just Homoeopathy, IRWO Palm Court, RAIL VIHAR, Sector Alpha 1, Greater Noida
                Just Homoeopathy, At La Viva Clinic, Sharma Market, E3 Shatabdi Vihar, Sector 52, Noida
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