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Exclusive Interview of Dr V.R. Kavishwar, Principal, Panchasheel Homoeopathic Medical College, Maharashtra

Dr Abha(ED): What is unique about your college?
Dr V.R.Kavishwar (VK): All teaching and non teaching staff of my college work to gather for Development of institution in most healthy atmosphere.
ED:What does a typical day look like for you working as a Principal?
VK: Every day is typical day for me while working as a principal.
ED: How is India’s current homoeopathy medical education scenario?
VK: As everybody knows that Homoeopathic education in India is the hands of private institutions with few exceptions even though India is world leader of Homoeopathy in Homoeopathic Education, C.C.H. & C.C.R. H. are also performing well. The delay in giving permission to the colleges hampers the development of colleges & indirectly the education of students.
ED: The environment for Homoeopathic medical research in India is very conducive. Do you agree?
VK: Panchasheel Homoeopathic Medical CollegeI do agree Dept. of Ayush should encourage the institutions for this task.
ED: What are your views on public trust in doctors and other challenges?
VK: In general the public is losing trust in doctors due to various reasons like enormous cost of medical treatment. It is therefore required to strengthen public health care system and homoeopathic system of medicine should be included in public health care system by varies state govt. and homoeopathic physician should be engaged.
ED: Why is research orientation low in the homoeopathic colleges of India?
VK: Research orientation is low in Homoeopathic Colleges due enormous cost towards research activities.

ED: What is your take on funding scenario for homoeopathic sector?
VK: Ayush should allocate separate budget for Homoeopathy in various State Govts. Budget should be strongly directed to allot the funds to Homoeopathy in various states.
ED: Most of the students join B.H.M.S. as a secondary option. How you make them aware of the challenges and opportunities?
VK: It is quite natural because of lamias opportunities in modern medicine. Homoeopathic education is very cost effective & students who cannot secure admissions in others streams of Medical science they opt for Homoeopathy. We always motivate our student by showing actual result in our OPD & IPD even in acute and critical cases in our hospital with evidence.
ED: How do you uplift the morale of your students with regard to career?
VK: We uplift the morale of students by showing actual results in various curable medical conditions with evidence and advice them to do ethical Practice, considering scope and limitations of homoeopathy.
ED: Is pursuing courses in hospital administration and emergency medical service along with B.H.M.S. a road to employment?
VK: Definitely it will provide an opportunity for employment to BHMS Doctors.
ED: What steps you have taken to ensure decent OPD inflow.
VK: Inflow of our OPD is always monitored by us through hospital management committee and steps are taken to make it decent by arranging camps in urban and ruler area and participation in national health programs at various occasions.

ED: Enumerate the infrastructure needed for your college for research activities?
VK: We have already provided infrastructure but it requires huge funding foremployment  of  qualified  and dedicated  man  power and instruments.
ED: In what areas your college wants to go forward with regard to research?
VK: We are eager to go forward in regards to research activities in medical conditions which are most prominent in our area.
ED: What are your goals and aspirations towards making your college a better hub of education?
VK: We are working for the homoeopathic education & development of college. We always keep educational environment healthy & community based.
ED: What extra effort you put in to stand out among the list of around 195 Homoeopathic colleges in India?
VK: We are of the opinion that almost all 195 Homoeopathic colleges in India should put their efforts to strengthen Homoeopathic Education in respect of uniformity as per CCH New Delhi guideline and should make efforts to spread of homoeopathy, in community. This will stand all Homoeopathic Medical Colleges at equal level. 

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