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Fagopyrum Aesculentum and Homoeopathy

Fagoprum the common buck wheat is a neglected remedy despite the fact that it has been rather extensively proven. Its pathogenesis occupies twenty four pages in Allen’s encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica. An instructive paper on Fagopyrum was read before the American institute in 1873 by D.C. Perkins of Rockland. It is safe to say that not one in ten of those who practice the healing art have ever used it or its familiar Dr. Perkins appraisal of this remedy.
Burning, stinging, soreness, pulsating, fullness and pressive, bursting sensation outwards (head, eyes, face), aching; burning , shooting pains (limbs, face, head) sensation of heat , general or in local areas (hands , feet , throat , etc.,)offensive discharges (auxiliary sweat , foot sweats , stools ) pulsation(carotids, head, hands )
Evening (most symptoms); from heat getting cold (pain in the limbs) pressure (abdomen, liver); rapid motion (most symptoms)
eating (gone , empty sensation in the epigastrium , cloudiness of mind , head ache , nausea , stomach symptoms , abdominal pain , pain in shoulders etc) gentle motion , walking in the cool , open air ( pains in shoulders limbs etc.,)
Mind: bright, active; dull, confused; inability to read or study; melancholy; irritability; aversion to mental labor impaired memory; inability to concentrate
Head: rush of blood to the head, vertex, occiput; burning heat of the head; itching of the scalp, sensation of heaviness
Eyes: itching, smarting, swelling, dryness, redness lachrimation, soreness of eye balls worse on moving
Ears: burning, inflamed itching as in frost –bite
Nose: redness, swelling, coryza, fluent, with burning, tickling in the nose, followed by sneezing; dryness and the formation of crusts in the nose
Mouth: sensation of dryness, burning, rawness; tonsils red and swollen; soreness and swelling of the hard palate; elongated uvula
Stomach: persistent morning nausea , better from eating ; empty , gone feeling , canine hungers soon after eating ; no appetite but as soon as he begins to eat , it becomes excessive ; thirst for large quantities of cold water ; watery eructation which often rise up to the throat and are so hot and acrid that they almost strangle him .
Abdomen: soreness and great flatulent distension; must loosen the clothing; tenderness in the right side; stitches in the liver from with in outwards. Profuse, noisy, fluid or pappy stools with a foul odor, followed by tenesmus which may last for ten minutes
Sexual organs, male: bruised dull or burning in the right ovary ; stitches in the nipple extending from before back wards , scanty yellowish leucorrhea flowing more when at rest.

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