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Lycopodium And Git Complaints

Authored By:  Dr. Bhupendra Arya1 , Dr. Garima Choudhary1, Dr Sachin2 , Dr. Iitika Khatri2.

  1. MD Scholar, Department of Practice of Medicine (Hom.) , Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.
  2. MD Scholar, Department of Materia Medica (Hom.) , Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.

Abstract: Lycopodium is the best homoeopathic medicine for complaints of git. This article provide information about Lycopodium GIT symptoms with the help of different material medica like Boericke materia medica1 ,Clarke material medica2Phatak materia medica3 , Allen‘s materia medica4.

Keywords: Lycopodium , GIT

GIT symptoms in Lycopodium :

  • According to Boericke materia medica:

Stomach.-Dyspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food, cabbage, beans, etc. Excessive hunger. Aversion to bread, etc. Desire for sweet things. Food tastes sour. Sour eructations. Great weakness of digestion. Bulimia, with much bloating. After eating, pressure in stomach, with bitter taste in mouth. Eating ever so little creates fullness. Cannot eat oysters. Rolling of flatulence (Chin; Carb). Wakes at night feeling hungry. Hiccough. Incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx there burn for hours. Likes to take food and drink hot. Sinking sensation; worse night.

 Abdomen.–Immediately after a light meal, abdomen is bloated, full. Constant sense of fermentation in abdomen, like yeast working; upper left side. Hernia, right side. Liver sensitive. Brown spots on abdomen. Dropsy, due to hepatic disease. Hepatitis, atrophic from of nutmeg liver. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.

Stool.–Diarrhœa. Inactive intestinal canal. Ineffectual urging. Stool hard, difficult, small, incomplete. Hæmorrhoids; very painful to touch, aching (Mur ac).

  • According to Clarke materia medica2   :

Stomach -Violent risings in afternoon.─Incomplete eructations, burning, rising only into pharynx, where they cause burning.─Sour eructations, the taste of which does not remain in mouth, but the acid gnaws in the stomach.─Burning, sour, greasy or bitter risings.─Sour regurgitation of food, esp. of milk.─Pyrosis, esp. after a meal.─Violent hiccough by fits, esp. after a meal.─Nausea when in a room, which disappears in open air, and vice versâ.─Frequent continued nausea, esp. in morning, with bitter taste in mouth.─Nausea, caused by the motion of a carriage.─Sensation of nausea in stomach in morning.─Heartburn.─Cancer of the stomach.─Water-brash, sometimes every second day, with flow of bitter water.─Vomiting of food and bile, esp. at night, or when fasting in the morning.─Vomiting of bitter, greenish matter.─Vomiting of blood.─Vomiting between the chill and heat in intermittent fever.─Vomiting after a meal with salivation; during menses.─Gnawing, griping sensation in region of the stomach.─Slow digestion.─Pains in stomach, with shivering and deadness of the hands after a slight chill.─Periodical pains in stomach, > by heat of bed.─Aching in stomach, in evening, and after every meal, sometimes with a bitter taste in mouth.─Compressive or contractive pains in stomach.─The pains in the stomach manifest themselves principally in morning; in open air; after a meal; or after drinking wine; they are sometimes > in evening, and are often accompanied by cramps in chest and difficulty of respiration.─Swelling of epigastrium with painful sensibility to the touch.─The clothes round the stomach cause uneasiness.─Stitches in l. side of pit of stomach, apparently externally.─Pain in epigastrium caused by cough.

Abdomen –Tension round hypochondria, as from the pressure of a hoop.─Pressure and tension in liver; esp. on satisfying one’s appetite.─Cramp-like pain in diaphragm, and contusive pain in liver, on stooping.─Pain when walking in upper part of r. hypochondrium, as if the suspensor ligament of the liver would tear.─Pressive pain in r. hypochondrium, at times took away the breath, became a sticking.─Pain in liver as from a blow, < by touch.─Violent gall-stone colic.─Sharp pain in dorsal hepatic region, in r. shoulder and arm.─Liver region sensitive.─Griping; and rumbling in splenic flexure.─Inflammation and induration of the liver.─Immediately after a (light) meal the abdomen is bloated, full, distended.─Has a great appetite, but a small quantity of food fills him up and he feels bloated.─Aching pains in abdomen.─Fulness and distension of stomach and abdomen.─Weight in the abdomen.─Sensation of something heavy lying on l. side of abdomen.─Brown spots on abdomen.─Hardness in the abdomen.─Dropsical swelling of the abdomen.─Contractive cramp-like pains in the abdomen, which is distended.─Tearing, drawing, tension, and pinching in abdomen and sides of abdomen.─Clawing in hypogastrium, with suspended respiration.─Cutting pains, esp. above the navel.─Pain above the navel, on touching the part.─Burning pain in the abdomen.─Hernia on the r. side.─Tearing shootings, pulsation, and pressure in the inguinal ring, as if hernia were on the point of protruding.─Cramp-like pains in abdominal muscles, esp. at night.─Incarcerated flatus.─Imperfect expulsion of flatus.─The flatulence cannot pass and causes much pain.─Great deal of noisy flatulence in the abdomen, or particularly in the r. hypochondriac region; there seems to be a constant fermentation in the abdomen, which produces a loud croaking sound.─Sometimes much rumbling of wind in l. hypochondriac region.─Dyspepsia with loud croaking in the abdomen.─Affections of the inner lower belly.─Full, distended abdomen with cold feet.─Gurgling and borborygmi in abdomen, esp. on l. side.

Stool and Anus – Constipation of long standing.─Hard stools with ineffectual desire to evacuate.─Desire for stool followed by painful constriction of rectum or anus.─Small stool, with the sensation as if much remained behind, followed by excessive and painful accumulations of flatulence.─Hæmorrhage from rectum, even after a soft stool.─Feeling of fulness in rectum continues after a copious stool.─Contractive pain in perinæum, after scanty, hard stool.─Stitches in the rectum.─Diarrhœa (during pregnancy), with earthy colour of the face.─During stool: burning and biting at anus; pressure; tenesmus; ringing in ears; headache; pain in back as if broken; hæmorrhage.─After stool: flatulent distension.─Constriction of the abdomen, sometimes with ineffectual want to evacuate, and difficult evacuation.─Constipation or diarrhœa in pregnant women.─Fæces: pale and of a putrid odour; thin brown; pale green mixed with hard lumps; thin yellow or reddish-yellow fluid; shaggy reddish mucus (urethral tenesmus, dysentery); green, stringy, odourless mucus.─Discharge of mucus, or of blood, during evacuation.─Lumbrici.─Pains in the anus after a meal and after an evacuation.─Itching and tension in the anus.─Incisive pains, shootings and pain as from excoriation in the rectum.─Spasms in rectum.─Contraction of rectum so that it protrudes during a hard stool.─Piles swollen, protruding, burning sticking, protruding during soft stool, painful on touch and when sitting.─Hæmorrhoidal excrescences in anus and in rectum, with prolapsus recti.─Itching eruption in anus.─Itching and tension at the anus (evening in bed).─Painful closing of anus.─Protrusion of the varices.─Distension of the varices of the rectum.

  • According to Phatak materia medica3   :

Stomach – Digestion weak.Loss of appetite.Hunger, but quick satiety. Eating ever so little creates fulness. Hiccough. Incomplete burning eructations; rise only to pharynx and then burns for hours. Farinaceous and flatulent food, cabbage, beans, oysters disagrees. Sensation as if fasting after meals, but without hunger. Desire for sweet things. Aversion to soup, to bread. Canine hunger the more he eats, the more he craves. Wakes at night feeling hungry. Vomits; food and bile; coagulated blood; dark greenish masses, after eating and drinking. Cancer; perforating ulcer.  Churning sensation in. Gnawing in stomach, amel. drinking hot water. Desire for sweets, delicacies, pastries etc. Food tastes sour. Likes to take drink and food hot. Coldness in stomach. Bad effects of onions.

Abdomen- Epigastirc; anxiety; pressure.As of a band about waist.flatulence; much; noisy, pressing out; amel. lower bowels. Sensitive congested liver.Chronic hepatitis; atrophic; nutmeg liver.Sensation of something moving up and down; or as of a hard body rolli ng, when turning to the right side. Ascites; from liver diseases. Soreness agg. hypogastrium alternating sides.Brown spots on. Colic in babies agg. evening. Constipation; of children; ineffectual urging from contraction of sphincters; feeling as if much remained unpassed after stools. Stools; contain sand, small, difficult, first parts is hard, is difficult to expel, last part is soft or thin and gushing; followed by faintness and weakness. Haemorrhoids, aching; painful to touch amel. hot bathing. Alternate diarrhoea and constipation. Rawness of anus. Constipation when away from home or travelling. Chilliness in the rectum before stools.Constipation or diarrhoea during pregnancy.Gastro enteritis from fright. Diarrhoea from cold drinks.Continued burning in rectum.

  • According to Allen‘s materia medica4 :

Chronic diseases. Pains: aching-pressure, drawing; chiefly right sided, < four to eight P.M. Affects right side, or pain goes from right to left; throat, chest, abdomen, liver, ovaries. Canine hunger; the more he eats, the more he craves; head aches if does not eat. Gastric affections; excessive accumulation of flatulence; constant sensation of satiety; good appetite, but a few mouthfuls fill up to the throat, and he feels bloated; fermentation in abdomen, with loud grumbling, croaking, especially lower abdomen (upper abdomen, Carbo v. – entire abdomen, Cinch.); fulness not relieved by belching (Cinch.). Constipation since puberty; since last confinement; when away from home; of infants; with ineffectual urging, rectum contracts and protrudes during stool, developing piles.


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