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Common Themes of Snake Venoms as Understood from my 32 Years of Clinical Practice


The central theme of snake remedies is one of competitiveness and gaining power over others and their environment. Whatever they do in life they must be the first to achieve it.
 Rubric interpretation
  • Ambition increased, competitive: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
Even in children there is a feeling of sibling rivalry, which intensifies into marked jealousy. They can’t bear the fact that the younger sibling gets more attention or love. They will try to seek attention in different ways, as they don’t like intrusion of their space. They can be precocious and intelligent. They are loved by their parent’s inspite of their tantrums. This reinforces their ugly behavior and aggressiveness.
Attack and Defense 
The theme of attack and defense is seen in most of the snake remedies. For example the patient may say “I want to kill him”; “these people are my enemies”; “I cannot defend myself”. This may also be reflected in the dreams.
Rubric interpretation
  • Dreams, betrayed, having been, friends, by: Crot-c
  • Dreams, bitten, being, animals, by: Cench
  • Dreams, fights: Crot-c, Elaps
  • Dreams, killing: Crot-c
  • Dreams, knives: Lach
  • Dreams, murder: Crot-h, Lach
  • Dreams, murdered, being: Lach
  • Dreams, pursued, being: Crot-c
  • Dreams, quarrels: Crot-h
  • Dreams, stab, others, will: Lach
  • Dreams, stabbed, being, fear of being stabbed: Lach
Bothrops feels that he has to compete with a lot of enemies. He desires to be at the top. He is unable to stand any competition and will do anything to achieve his goals. He can get close to a person in power in order to reach the top and finally betray that person. Even in relationships Bothrops wants an upper hand. He wants to control the other person. He is not interested in the feelings of his partner.
Passionate and Workaholic
In order to achieve their goals they work very hard. The snake remedies are known to be more active at night. They can’t sleep due to a rush of ideas and plans.
Rubric interpretation
  • Industrious, mania for work: Lach
Seeking attention or trying to be the centre of attraction is an important feature. They can wear attractive clothes, watches, etc. It helps them to develop contacts with others and influence people.
They can flatter others to get their work done. They can also flatter the physician, for example, they may say “you are the world’s best doctor”.
Rubric interpretation
  • Amorous: Crot-c, Lach
The feeling of being superior to others and possessing power is common to snake remedies. They can appear overconfident and have a habit of boasting. They cannot take a joke and are easily offended.
Rubric interpretation
  • Boaster, braggart: Lach
  • Egotism, self- esteem, speaking about themselves in company: Lach
  • Haughty: Lach
  • Offended easily: Cench, Lach
Most snake remedies have a secret life or a darker side, which they don’t want to reveal to others. They live a dual life. The dark side could be completely repressed and they can appear spiritual, peace loving, having love for animals, etc.
They can also be aware of their deceptive nature and utilize it at the right time for their selfish motives. They are hypocrites with a lot of contradictions within themselves.
In certain situations when strict authorities or rules restrict them, they may develop into a weak willed and confused personality.
Rubric interpretation
  • Confusion of mind, identity as to his, duality sense of: Lach, Naja
Drug abuse/Alcohol abuse
It is interesting to note that South Americans put one drop of Crotalus horridus venom in alcohol as then one can consume three liters of such alcohol without feeling intoxicated.
Affection of liver due to alcoholism is an important pathology in snake remedies.
Rubric interpretation
  • Alcoholism: Crot-h, Lach
  • Cirrhosis of liver: Crot-h, Vip
Affection of Speech 
Speech is one of the main modes of attracting attention of others. But a deeper study of snake remedies will reveal their power to cause and cure a lot speech disorders and also affections of speech after Cerebrovascular accidents.
Rubric interpretation:
  • Aphasia: Both, Crot-h, Lach, Naja
  • Indifference: Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
  • Loquacity: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Speech, affected: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Speech, confused: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Speech, hesitating: Vip
  • Speech, incoherent: Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Speech, loud: Lach
  • Speech, slow: Lach, Naja
  • Speech, stammering: Lach, vip
  • Speech, thick: Crot-c, Lach
  • Speech, unintelligible: Lach, Naja
  • Speech, wanting, apoplexy, after Crot-c, Crot-h
  • Taciturn: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
Mistrust in snake remedies is a very common feature. They cannot trust friends, people working with them and even family members. There is a strong fear of being betrayed. Usually this fear of being deceived has its roots in some past experiences. Crotalus cascavela, Bothrops and Vipera feel betrayed by the whole world; they have a feeling that everybody is their enemy. Cenchris cannot trust her husband and has an intense feeling that he will send her to asylum or get rid of her. Vipera invests a lot of energy in several relationships with great expectations. Each time the relationship does not work out it leads to disappointment. But there is another variation to this theme. The snake remedies can be deceptive and they could project their traits onto others. For example, a Lachesis husband when married to a Pulsatilla woman will slowly over a period of years change the entire psychology of his wife and slowly the Pulsatilla picture transforms into a picture of either Naja or Elaps. The wife may not perceive when the transformation took place. What this means is that the suspiciousness of the husband gets projected onto the wife and she too over a period of time develops some of the suspiciousness.
Rubric interpretation
  • Deceitful, sly: Crot-c, Lach
  • Delusion, asylum, she will be sent to: Cench, Lach
  • Delusion, conspiracies, against him, there are conspiracies: Lach
  • Delusion, evil, happened to him, feeling as though some evil had: Lach
  • Delusion, injury, being injured, is: Elaps, Lach, Naja
  • Delusion, people, behind him, someone is: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Naja
  • Delusion, persecuted, he is persecuted: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Delusion, poisoned, he, has, been: Lach, Naja, Vip
  • Delusion, talking, friends are talking about her: Lach
  • Suspicious: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
Forsaken Feeling
The feeling of being deprived or not getting what they deserve is common to snake remedies. There is a great need for multiple relationships and to connect with others to fill the inner vacuum. There are subtle differences amongst the snake remedies, which create variations in clinical presentations.
Naja feels forsaken and neglected by his near and dear ones inspite of fulfilling his responsibilities towards them. Lachesis feels that his own relatives and friends look down upon him. He feels friendless. But this phase of Lachesis can also arise due to the haughty and contemptuous nature of Lachesis individuals. Crotalus horridus has an intense aversion to his family members and can be extremely harsh with his relatives. The end result is isolation, which is created by his own feelings of hatred.
Rubric interpretation
  • Aversion, to family members of: Crot-h
  • Delusion, friendless, he is: Lach
  • Delusion, neglected, he or she is neglected: Crot-c, Naja
  • Estranged: Lach
  • Fear, alone of being: Crot-c, Elaps, Naja
  • Forsaken: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Naja
Death related themes are very common in snake remedies. Similar themes are also seen in children’s cases requiring a snake remedy. The fear of incurable diseases and death are very prominent in snake remedies.
Rubric interpretation
  • Death, presentiment, of: Cench, Lach, Vip
  • Delusion, die, about to die, one was: Cench, Lach
  • Dreams, dead bodies: Cloth, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps
  • Dreams, death: Cloth, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Fear, death, of: Crot-c, Elaps, Lach, Naja
Related to the theme of death is the spiritual path taken by snake remedies. They are concerned about their fate after death. They adopt religion to cover their dark side. Religion and spirituality can help them to overcome their guilt. The study of religious scriptures can also be due to curiosity and a need to experience the spiritual bliss.
Rubric interpretation
  • Anxiety, salvation, about: Lach
  • Curious: Bung, Lach
  • Religious affections, too occupied with religion: Crot-c, Lach
Intuition is an important feature of snake remedies. Some of them can look into the future and foresee events. Some of them can predict the lifespan of people; others can foresee something bad that might happen. They can tap into the lives of others in a magnetic way. Some snake remedies use intuition to protect or defend themselves against danger.
Rubric interpretation
  • Clairvoyant: Crot-c, Lach
  • Death, presentiment of: Cench, Vip
  • Death, presentiment of, predicts the time of death: Cench
  • Dream, visionary: Lach
  • Prophesying: Lach
Sensation of Constriction
The snake remedies have the component of constriction at a physical and mental level.
The feeling of being restricted or suppressed causes a lot of tension in the individual, as he cannot develop his personality with his free will. He feels constricted by society, ethical rules, orthodoxy, religious dogmas, authorities, etc.
Rubric interpretation
  • Ailments from, domination: Naja
  • Ailments from, domination children; in: Naja
  • Ailments from, domination children, in, parental control; long history of excessive: Naja
  • Emotions, suppressed: Naja
Swollen Sensation
The components of contraction (constriction) and expansion (swollen, enlarged) are common to snake remedies.
Rubric interpretation
  • Swollen sensation: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
Amelioration from Discharges 
The discharges like stool, urine, menses, etc when suppressed can cause a lot of suffering. Their elimination produces great relief. Emotional suppression also causes a lot of mental suffering. Loquacity and gestures give a vent to their emotional and intellectual energies.
Rubric interpretation
  • Amelioration, menses, during: Lach
  • Discharges, ameliorate: Lach
  • Sneezing, ameliorates: Lach
  • Suppression, emotions, of: Lach
  • Suppression, eruptions, of:  Lach, Vip
  • Suppression, perspiration, of: Lach
Aggravation from Sleep 
Sleep implies a lack of control over their senses and losing contact with the environment. This gives rise to a lot of fears and insecurity. The fear of losing breath or dying due to some respiratory or cardiac complaint during sleep is also very common in these remedies.
Rubric interpretation
  • Loss of sleep, from, aggravation: Crot-h, Lach
  • Mind, starting waking on; suffocated, as if: Lach
  • Respiration, difficult, falling asleep, when: Cench, Crot-h, Lach
  • Respiration, difficult, sleep, after: Lach
  • Respiration, difficult, sleep, during: Cench, Lach, Naja
  • Sleep, after sleep, aggravation: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Sleep, beginning of, aggravates: Cench, Crot-h, Lach
  • Sleep, waking, breath, to get: Lach, Naja
  • Waking, on, aggravation: Cench, Crot-h, Lach
Aggravation from Touch 
Touch is an aggravating factor not only at a physical level but also at an emotional level – patients requiring snake remedies are very touchy in the sense even a slightest innocent remark can cause hurt and provoke weeping.
Rubric interpretation
  • Touch, aggravates: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Touching, cold things, aggravates: Cench
  • Weeping, emotions, after slight: Lach, Naja
Thermal Regulation
Most snake remedies have problems with thermal regulation. It is very difficult for them to adapt to their environment and changes in temperature.
Rubric interpretation
  • Aggravation from change of weather: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Aggravation from cold: Cench, Crot-c, Elaps, Lach
  • Aggravation from cold, wet weather: Elaps, Lach
  • Aggravation from draft of air: Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Aggravation from thunderstorm: Elaps, Lach
  • Aggravation from warm: Cench, Crot-h, Lach
  • Aggravation from wet weather: Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
Rubric interpretation
  • Complaints on alternate days: Crot-h
  • Complaints return at the same hour: Cench
  • Every year: Cench, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
Trembling is an important nervous symptom appearing as a concomitant to other mental and physical symptoms.
Rubric interpretation
  • External trembling: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Trembling from alcoholism: Crot-h, Lach
  • Trembling from anger: Crot-c
Affinity for the cardiovascular system 
Rubric interpretation
  • Anemia after hemorrhage: Crot-h, Lach
  • Arteritis: Lach
  • Blood is non-coagulable: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
  • Congestion
  • Dark clots in hemorrhage: Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hemorrhage accompanied by severe weakness: Crot-h
  • Hemorrhage from orifices of the body: Both, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
  • Hemorrhage of black blood: Both, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Hemorrhage of dark blood: Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Hemorrhage of tenacious blood: Crot-h, Lach
  • Hemorrhage of thin blood: Both, Crot-h, Lach
  • Phlebitis: Both, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Varicose veins: Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Varicose veins during pregnancy: Lach
  • Varicose veins from alcoholism: Crot-h
  • Varicose veins with ulceration: Lach, Crot-h
  • Varicose veins, painful as if bursting: Vip
  • Wounds bleed freely: Both, Cench, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
Rubric interpretation
  • Frequent pulse: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Intermittent pulse: Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Irregular pulse: Crot-h, Lach, vip
  • Slow pulse: both, cench, crot-h, lach, vip
Rubric interpretation
  • Facial paralysis: Crot-h, Lach
  • Hemiplegia, left side: Lach
  • Hemiplegia, right side: Crot-c, Crot-h
  • Paralysis after apoplexy: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Paralysis of esophagus: (Crot-c, Lach)
  • Paralysis of extensor muscles: Crot-h
  • Paralysis of extensors of fingers: Lach
  • Paralysis of extensors of toes: Crot-h
  • Paralysis of larynx: Crot-h, Lach
  • Paralysis of optic nerve: Both, Cench
  • Paralysis of tongue: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach
  • Paralysis of upper limbs: Both, Crot-c
  • Post diphtheritic paralysis: Lach, Crot-h
  • Protrusion of eyeballs: Crot-h, Lach
  • Right sided paralysis: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h
  • Sluggish pupils: Cench
  • Toxic paralysis: Lach, Crot-h
  • Voice lost from paralysis: Lach
Prostration and trembling are important features of snake remedies. Sometimes the prostration is out of proportion to the severity of the illness.
Rubric interpretation
  • External numbness: Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
  • Numbness
  • Numbness of left half of body: Lach
  • Numbness of whole body: Crot-c
  • Sudden weakness: Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Tremulous weakness: Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Weakness: Both, Cench, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Weakness during menopause: Crot-h, Lach
  • Weakness from heat of summer: Lach
  • Weakness from hunger: Crot-h
  • Weakness from pleasure: Crot-c
  • Weakness from slight exertion: Crot-h, Lach
  • Weakness with sliding down in bed from half sitting position: Crot-h, Lach
One-Sidedness of Complaints 
Rubric interpretation
  • Coldness of skin on left side of body: Lach
  • Crosswise, right upper and left lower (Both)
  • Direction of symptoms:
  • Left sided: Lach
  • Left to right side: Elaps, Lach
  • One-sided paralysis after apoplexy: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Pneumonia of left lung: Lach
  • Right sided: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps
  • Swelling of left side of tongue: Lach
Great Tendency to Develop Infections 
Rubric interpretation
  • Abscesses: Both, Cench, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Abscesses accompanied by dark, uncoagulable bleeding: Crot-h, Lach
  • Abscesses of glands: Crot-h, Lach
  • Abscesses with fetid pus: Lach, Vip
  • Septicemia: Both, Cench, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
Profound Action on Eyes Leading to Various Disorders 
Rubric interpretation
  • Bleeding from eyes: Both, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Blue color before the eyes: Crot-c, Elaps, Lach
  • Cancer, epithelioma: Lach
  • Choroiditis: Crot-h, Lach
  • Falling of lids: Crot-h, Lach, Naja, Vip
  • Foggy vision: Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Glaucoma: Crot-h, Lach
  • Halo of colors before the eyes: Lach
  • Hemiopia: Lach
  • Hemorrhagic retinitis: Crot-h, Lach
  • Injected conjunctiva: Crot-c, Lach
  • Kearatoconjunctivitis: Lach
  • Loss of vision: Both, Crot-c, Crot-h, Elaps, Lach, Vip
  • Myopia: Lach
  • Paralysis of lids: Lach, Vip
  • Photophobia: Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Pupils dilated: Crot-c, Crot-h, Lach, Vip
  • Red: Crot-h, Elaps, Lach
  • Red fiery spots before the eyes: Elaps
  • Retinal hemorrhage: Both, Crot-h, Lach
  • Retinitis: Crot-h, Lach
  • Styes: Elaps, Lach
  • Ulceration of cornea: Crot-c, Lach
  • Vision
  • Weakness of vision from grief: Crot-h
  • Yellow: Crot-h, Lach, Vip

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