Urticaria and Homoeopathy a Quick Guide to Prescribe On Urticarial Case

Urticaria and Homoeopathy a Quick Guide to Prescribe On Urticarial Case

INTRODUCTION: In medical Science, Disease related to skin captures special attention to all physicians as they effect the outer appearance of our body more even if it of trifle in nature. Urticaria is among those skin diseases which are irritating as well as allergic in nature and in some cases stubborn in responding to the treatment. Homeopathy is gentle treatment approach and having a good scope to treat the acute attack of Urticarial rash as well as chronic form. So, Let’s explore some remedies useful to manage the cases of Urticaria. 

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– Intense pruritus. Urticaria, appearing and disappearing suddenly, with internal coldness.

 – Angioneurotic-oedema.

 – Dark blotches on skin of penis, sometimes with oedema. Erythema, eczema, pemphigus.

Apium graveolens:

– Itching blotches; burning, creeping sensation.

 – Profuse discharge from granulating ulcers.

 – Urticaria with shuddering.

Astacus fluviatilis:


 – Nettle-rash over whole body. Itching.

 – Crusta lactea, with enlarged lymphatic glands.

 – Erysipelas, and liver affections with nettle-rash. Swelling of cervical glands.

 – Jaundice. It can be compare with Bombyx in urticaria.(bombyx-itching all over body)


– Urticaria on excitement, with rheumatic lameness, palpitation and diarrhoea. [Dulc.]  

 – Urticaria on waking in the morning, worse from bathing.

 – After Rhus in chronic urticaria.

Chloralum hydratum:

– Urticaria, worse, spirituous liquors, hot drinks.

 – Erythema aggravated by alcoholic drinks, with palpitation; causes pain in tendons and extensors.

 – Intense itching. Surface of body stone-cold.

 – Wheals come on from a chill; better, warmth., also compare with Guarana in urticaria.

Copaiva officinalis:

– Gastric troubles during menstruation or following urticaria.

 – Hives, with fever and constipation. – Chronic urticaria in children.

  – Circumscribed lenticular patches, with itching; mottled appearance.

Fragaria vesca: – Urticaria; petechial and erysipelatous eruptions.

 – Swelling of whole body.

Linum usitatissimum

– The application of Linseed poultice has produced in sensitive subjects severe respiratory disturbances, as asthma, hives, etc.

 – Its action in such cases is marked by intense irritation.

– It has a place in the treatment of asthma, hay-fever and urticaria.

Medusa:  – Whole face puffed oedematous-eyes, nose, ears, lips. 

 – Numbness; burning, pricking heat.

 – Vesicular eruption especially on face, arms, shoulders, and breasts.

 – Nettlerash.[Apis.; Chloral.; Dulc.]. also compare with physalia in urticaria.

Morphinum and salts: – Itching.Skin lost its elasticity.

 – Urticaria appearing at climaxis.

Strophanthus:- Urticaria, especially more chronic forms.

Tilia europaea

– Urticaria. Violent itching, and burning like fire after scratching.

 Triosteum perfoliatum: – Urticaria from gastric derangement.

Uva ursi: urticaria without itching. REFERENCE: Boericke W., Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory, 9th impression, B. Jain Publisher (P) Ltd., 2011

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