Urolithiasis - A Pseudo Chronic Surgical Disease

Urolithiasis – A Pseudo Chronic Surgical Disease


Urolithiasis is a very common disease. Stones in any part of the urinary tract can produce symptoms and complications, but because the lower part of the ureter is the narrowest part of the urinary tract, stones get lodged easily producing pain and haematuria commonly. If we keep in mind the limitation and complication of the surgical procedure, and ureteric stone is psudo surgical disease, homoeopathy can provide a real solution for such conditions. 


A 21-year female was brought on 15-07-2023 presented with acute pain in the right iliac region extending to hips, frequent and painful urination with pain and sensation as if some urine is remaining after urination. Patients also experienced urges to urinate frequently with pain in lower abdomen (Right side) aggravating during urination and straining to urinate, with pain in thighs. Dribbling urine especially at night. These complaints were there for 10-15 days on and off.

FAMILY HISTORY: No family history of kidney stone or any other systemic disease.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Due to pain she went to a physician who advised her sonography, and in the report she was diagnosed of right sided renal calculi taken allopathic medicine for the same but condition did not improve so came for homoeopathic mode of treatment.


  • Thermal- Hot
  • Desire –sweets
  • Thirst- 1-1.5 lit/day (drinking less quantity of water),
  • Urine- 4-5 times/day, pain in back before urination. (color – yellow urine)
  • Sleep: Sound (Position Right side on)


  • Weight- 52 kg
  • Height – 165 cm
  • Pallor- absent
  • Icterus- absent
  • Oedema- absent
  • Blood pressure: 110/76 mm of hg
  • Respiratory rate: 20/min
  • Pulse: 79 beats/min


On palpation on P/A the abdomen tenderness found in rt. Hypochondaric, right flank and right renal angle. On the back Costovertebral angle tenderness is also present.

INVESTIGATION– USG of KUB on 15.07.2023 reported.

DIAGNOSIS– mild hydronephrosis in right kidney with hydroureter due to 6.2 mm right lower ureteric calculus.



  • Retention of urine 
  • Unsatisfactory urine 
  • Urine dribbling – night agg
  • Urging to urinate – night agg
  • Urine color yellow
  • Stone right side
  • Sweet desire
  • Sleep position right side on 

PDF: Hot patient


Retention of urine
Unsatisfactory urine Night agg
Dribbling of urine 
Sweet desire


Lycopodium case presentatiobn.png


  • After repertorisation, LYCOPODIUM possessed the highest grade and highest matching of symptoms. Here, Lycopodium selected on the basis of physical symptoms of patient & patient is hot and desire for sweet.
  • Patient was given Lycopodium 200 one dose, Sac Lac 30/TDS for 10 days.

ADVICE: Intake of plenty of water & lime juice.


26-07-2023Lycopodium 200 (1P)Sac Lac 30 4 Pills TDS for 10 Days Dribbling urine reduce Mild burning urine presentAbdominal Pain mild present
10-08-2023Lycopodium 200 (1P)Sac Lac 30 4 Pills TDS for 10 Days Urine flow properNo burning pain present 
18-08-2023Patient come with Renal stoneStone passed on 17-08-2023 with no pain no haematuria.Happy patient  


The frequency of abdominal pain and associated pain during urination, dribbling and retention of urine is improved during treatment.

Clinically the patient showed remarkable improvement now no calculus demonstrated in the kidney.


The case report illuminates the importance of knowledge of disease, indication of homoeopathic medicines with successful prescription. Knowledge of disease and medicine helps the homoeopaths to know the sick man. The main motive of this case report is to throw some light on the fact how Pseudo Surgical disease is tackled with homoeopathic medicine. The surgical interventions often lead to undesirable complications leading to harmful consequences and all these conditions can be avoided by choosing homoeopathy over conventional methods of treatment.


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Dr. Malav Vagadiya (M.D. Hom, P.hD Scholar) - Assistant Professor Surgery Department Swami Vivekand Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhavnagar