Treatment of Furuncle on Neck and Hand with Homoeopathic Medicine

Treatment Of Furuncle On Right Neck And Right Hand With Individualized Homoeopathic Medicine

Dr. Jaharlal Barman , Dr. Aditi Paul

A 66 years old man presented to the homoeopathic opd with boils on right neck and right hand. History of recurring boils which was treated with modern medicine. He was Treated with constitutional homoeopathic medicine. Any kind of benign growth can be effectively cure by Homoeopathic treatment with proper management.
Key wards: Infected boils, surgical treatment, homoeopathy.

A boil, also called a furuncle, is a deep folliculitis, infection of the hair follicle. It is most commonly caused by the Staphylococcus aureus or secondary infection of a sebaceous cyst.
It starts with a painful indurated swelling with surrounding oedema. After about 1-2 days, softening occurs in the center and a pustule develops which bursts spontaneously discharging pus.

 66 years old Mr. R S, a shoemaker by profession, came to our OPD on 22/3/2019.

Present complaint:   He had boils on right neck and right hand for 4 months. 

History of present complaint:– Previously he was treated by allopathic medicines and advised to drainage the pus surgically.
On Examination: boils were surrounded by redness, moderately hard, tender, non-fluctuating and no active discharge.

 Past History:-Malaria (2 times), dog scratches-vaccinated. 

 Family History:-Hypertensive Mother died from stroke, Paternal side-suffered from O.A knee joint and gout.

In general:-  We found patient was of dark complexion, dry unhealthy skin, warts on nape of the neck, frequent micturition, desire sudden and urgent, but cannot hold the urge of micturition. Sweat less. intolerance for raw onion. Fixed ideas. On the basis of these symptoms We prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 30/1dose.

Follow up-
1. On 5/4/2019- Size of the boils of neck gradually decreased, pain was much lesser and the boils of the hands disappeared. Other complaints were also improved. Prescribed placebo.
2. On 26/4/2019- Boils of the neck totally faded away along with the more new symptoms were there. Patient felt much better. Prescribed placebo.

The case shows the efficacy of proper homoeopathic treatment with minimum dosage and it can cure chronic skin disease and further establishes the internal nature of the so-called
external diseases and without surgical intervention or any other external applications the chronic skin disease (Furuncle) can be a cure by proper Homoeopathic treatment.

Patient is very much pleased for curing his conditions by Homoeopathic treatment.

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