Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases by Dr. C M Boger

Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases by Dr. C M Boger

The Times of the Remedies is based upon Dr. Boger’s own practical observations and long clinical experience. He emphasized the importance of “Time factor and “Moon Phases in the action of drugs. It is through his untiring energies that a new angle of prescribing the medicines has been brought about.

This repertory mentions about the aggravation and amelioration of complaints in the time frame, i.e in accordance to hours, days, weeks, months, year and seasons. While compiling this repertory, Dr. Boger follows Boenninghausen’s of schema of repertorial presentation. In the section of Moon Phases, he refers exclusively to cured cases and undertook them in order to determine the relative importance of remedies in this respect.

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