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The Homoeopathic Heritage Issue August- 2023 (Find Here)

The Homoeopathic Heritage” gives in-depth knowledge about the latest research and the clinical experiences of renowned homoeopathic physicians. Homoeopathic Professionals, Lecturers as well as Budding Homoeopaths approach the journal for the knowledge, evidence-based case studies and research papers, updates about Homoeopathy, as well as inspiration that they can’t get anywhere else. 

The Homoeopathic Heritage, the ongoing oldest monthly journal in homoeopathy, with the largest circulation nationally as well as internationally. Since 1976 more than a Lakh homoeopathic lovers have trusted The Homoeopathic Heritage as the best source for quality information on homoeopathy.

The prestigious House of B. Jain cordially invites you to team up and connect with us to share your knowledge and clinical experiences in our circle of influence.

This issue of The Homoeopathic Heritage is dedicated to ‘Alcoholism and Addictions: The Role of Homoeopathy’. The aim behind releasing an issue on this topic was to acquaint our readers with the efficacy of homoeopathy in dealing with alcoholism and addictions of all sorts. With a steep incline in the cases of alcohol and drug abuse, and the escalation in the global rate of direct or indirect mortality from alcoholism and drugs, it is imperative for us to know, understand and thoroughly grasp the potential that homoeopathy has in managing addiction, alcoholism, and their symptoms…..

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