Scope Of Homoeopathy In Chronic Diseases

Scope Of Homoeopathy In Chronic Diseases

Authored by:
Dr Aparna 

BHMS , MD (Organon of Medicine and Philosophy)
JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College

To treat a chronic disease, first we have to analyze the constitution of a person as a whole,  his way of living , moral , intellectual also should be taken into account, as stated by Hahnemann in aphorism 5. So,  to treat a chronic disease , we should take his /her history since birth to until now. As constitution was defined as aggregate of  hereditary characters, we can investigate  in depth the cause of disease. We should found out , the suppressions , in a person from, since his birth to now. All these factors should be taken into consideration with patience, to treat a chronic disease.

As, patient will come to homoeopath by using en number of allopathic medicines, we should  rule out how the disease had been suppressed, changed its route, whether the disease had changed its form, nothing but metaschematism,  along with his mode of living, from birth to until now, we should investigate in detail, then we should plan the treatment.

As, it takes time  for some chronic diseases , to prescribe a similar remedy, we should first prescribe placebo, to satisfy a patient. We should also be  able to differentiate  the disease symptoms , and medicinal symptoms, in this case placebo will help a lot. After taking all the symptoms, we should prescribe a remedy that is similar with minimum dose.

We should  prescribe the antimiasmatic remedy , very carefully. Should wait and watch, to find out the action of remedy. Should not repeat the remedy until the first prescription has acted, other wise vital force will not react to the same potency again , and again, it will nullify the action of medicine completely. If he was feeling better , don’t repeat. If any new symptoms, retake the case. Violent aggravation of symptoms , antidote the remedy. In this way we have to do follow up.

We should advise them to follow diet and regimen. Mainly to walk in open air, to do exercises, to take healthy nutritious food. 

Diet and regimen were obstacles to cure.

In some chronic diseases with irreversible , pathological changes we can start with 50millisemal potency. 

As stated by Hahnemann, we have to see which miasm was predominant in a disease, should start our prescription with that antimiasmatic remedy.

Should treat the miasms in , like a petals in a flower, how we will remove the petals in flower, should remove the miasms , like that in a disease.

With these antimiasmatic remedies in chronic diseases , persons physical quality of life index will be increased. Many diseases can be cured  by treating them with patience and skill.

By treating the pregnant mother’s , we can prevent the chronic diseases in generations .

With HOMOEOPATHY, we can create healthier generations by treating pregnant mother’s.

Also by treating these chronic diseases, we can prevent  dangerous consequences of suppression of diseases. We can save the person to live his life in a better way with health. The physicians high and only mission is to restore the sick to  health to cure as it is termed. So physicians mission is to restore a person completely to health.

Health means, not to single part, or organ whole of the person. Should consider all his living while treating him. So that we can found out the cause. If we remove the cause, effect will be subsided

So , always treat the the cause, not the effect.  Physician should treat the disease perse, not the end products of disease, structural changes of the disease. Physician should consider the consider the person, as a whole mentally and physically. Should consider all his emotions anger, grief, jealousy etc etc.  Should consider how these had affected him in his disease.

By doing in depth investigation of chronic diseases, we can treat very aptly and can give a soothing relief to a patient.

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