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Remarks On Boenninghausen Lesser Writings On Concerning The Curative Effects Of Thuja In Smallpox

Written communications between Dr. R. Ummel (Editor) as well as the Royal Councillor, Dr. von Bonninghausen, at Munich

Bonninghausen, starts sharing his experience by stating that I believe I should tell you about an incident I had this winter, as it seems deserving of more extensive attention.

Small pox has erupted here and in the surrounding areas in the last six months, with substantial violence in numerous areas of concern. Despite the fact that the sickness was kept secret in many cases due to our good regulations about segregation, etc., a large number of cases came into my care.

Further says It has been observed countless times back that malanders are frequently seen in horses during these kinds of epidemics provoked Bonninghausen, to compare the symptoms of smallpox with the specific for this disease in animals (Thuja) and the final result was so positive that I implemented it in the first instance of smallpox

Example :-

This was the case of a twenty-four-year-old girl whom I had healed the year before of persistent crusted herpes on both cheeks. Her face looks smooth and clean today, and she appears to be in good health.All of my expectations were surpassed.

On the fourth day, all of the pustules had dried up; by the eighth day, they had all fallen off and left no visible pockmarks that was entrusted to my care. The most noticeable change was the complete absence of pockmarks, which are otherwise so common and negatively impact so much from pleasant faces. Even the redness of the spots faded more rapidly. This overwhelmingly positive outcome prompted me to apply the same cure not only with all of the subsequent small-pox patients, but also to employ it as a preventative measure in a number of homes where small-pox had already spread. And to his surprise the outcome was also positive in these cases. And no case came to his attention where. Any other member of the family had become affected after using Thuja.

I haven’t used anything but high potencies for the past five years, and they’ve had such wonderful effects that I doubt I’ll ever use low potencies again, also worked with only the 200th potency of Thuja in small – pox cases, giving a few pellets as a dose every other evening, and only in two cases, where it seemed to be required, I interjected a single dose of Mercurus 200, which seemed to boost the efficacy of Thuja. Later experience will be necessary to determine whether the same outcomes may be expected in every smallpox pandemic.

 If this were the case, vaccination material, which may be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands and has undoubtedly contributed to a significant increase in scrofula poisoning, might prove to be a very useful substitute. Undoubtedly, none of my small-pox patients passed away.

Considering the fact that this was not a very serious outbreak, the majority of people treated by allopath’s died. All the others will bear a reminder of it on their faces, and the course of the disease with them was, as usual, long-standing.If Thuja is effective as a prophylactic, it may be determined by giving it to people before they are vaccinated and then observing whether the vaccination ” takes ” with them. We would want to request vaccinated physicians to involve themselves in this experiment.—R UM M E L


” At the meeting, Von Benninghausen brought up vaccination, claiming that it is the primary reason of the unsettling spread of scrotulous diseases as it is currently practised. All of the physicians present agreed with this assessment and committed to devote extra attention to this critical issue in order to follow up on it next year. There has not yet been an opportunity to test Von Boenninghausen’s discoveries concerning the healing capacity of Thuja in smallpox; this has also been confirmed in France, and it is to be expected that we will have possibilities to test this also here later this year.”


Von Boenninghausen CM. Concerning the Curative Effects of Thuja in Small-pox. The Lesser Writings. Reprint edition. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd. 2012:3.




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