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Dr. Somendra Yadav - M.D. PGR (homoeopathy) department of homoeopathic Pharmacy, M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College


“Adenomyosis: Exploring Homoeopathic Approaches for Effective Management”

Abstract: Adenomyosis is a medical condition characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue within the muscular wall of the uterus, leading to various debilitating symptoms...

“Holistic Healing: Exploring Homoeopathic Approaches to Meniere’s Disease”

Abstract: Meniere’s disease, a chronic and distressing disorder of the inner ear, presents a unique set of challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. This...

Nephrolithiasis and Its Homoeopathic Management

Abstract Renal calculi, also known as nephrolithiasis, are a surgical condition that can be managed using homoeopathic remedies. In situations of nephrolithiasis, it is essential...